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@Pudseypotter I've told mine it's touch rugby. Don't want him getting too close to Yorkshireites. Jet wash ready for his return home.
RT @ChefDavidGuas: Throw it in the pot and let it simmer! #wildgoose #easternshoreMD @CharmCityMead with a touch of @NationalHoney https://t.co/PwoqYPHCKx
RT @LittleMixRepDom: Mientras esperamos Touch podemos ir reproduciendo LMLY ya está cerca del certificado #TouchAtMidnight… https://t.co/AH4nTZvd1L
RT @LittleMixBR: Jesy acaba de confirmar no instagram o clipe de Touch pra HOJE às 22hrs (horário de Brasília).
domani mattina morirò appena vedrò il video di touch
Please help support Touch, add a #Twibbon now! https://t.co/8b75I2cakM
RT @leighliife: Despues de una era donde los videos no tenian coreografias, Touch va a ser el primer video con una #TouchMusicVideo https://t.co/iy90qJZ2OM
RT @CentralLeighBR: O clipe de Touch tem coreografia feita por Parris Goebel, coreografa de Sorry, do Justin Bieber. #TouchMusicVideo https://t.co/LuTqyqirEH
RT @LigacaoMixer: O clipe de Touch vai ser lançado as 22h (Horário de Brasília) #TouchMusicVideo https://t.co/lb6gC7cv7G
RT @UpdatingLM: HQ PHOTOS 📷 | Jade on the set of the Touch MV https://t.co/ahvhRcz2wF
RT @shoutoutlarry: "aparentemente lounielle acabou" "touch pode ter video lançado hoje" "Louis fez uma tatuagem na bunda"… https://t.co/teiVdYrTi3
@Touch_tamagaya_ さっそくですがなんて呼べばいいですかー?😚‼️
@fatimahkabba Happy to discuss visual accessibility with you or put you in touch with Sapna @SignResearch
See. Nah. I wouldn't dare touch his shit. Lol. https://t.co/o0Wxlsqcmx
prez the same way Obama + bush were our presidents. trump ain't gone touch u anyway, he only like beautiful women and this art school is eh"
RT @LittleMixBR: Jade e Perrie nos bastidores do clipe "Touch" https://t.co/V517PGevnY
RT @reganokey: .@LittleMix's #TOUCH music video is coming out at midnight and I simply CANNOT https://t.co/K1cnMtY5Af
For any further information, do get in touch - for obvious reasons we will now block Liam and focus on our work @liamkennedy92 @GuardianGDP
RT @UpdatingLM: HQ PHOTO 📷 | Jesy on the set of the Touch MV https://t.co/jer8e67BDm