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My whole left side hurt I keep having these sharp ass pains and the back of my rib cage is so tender to the touch.
RT @baekhyunee_1: Exol investigation skills are FBI level dont touch us with that amateur bullshit
Oh my how I long for the feel of your touch and the taste of your kiss ...
RT @Moviepicts: “You once told me, our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch.” Remember Me (2010) https://t.co/lmkOS8WqLs
RT @LittleMix: Loved hanging out! We tuned in right now hoping to hear 'Touch' 😬🙌🏽 x the girls https://t.co/IFnqOgdcWp
モイ!iPod touchからキャス配信中 -切れちった https://t.co/2twKwCFAuC
there's a thing called the first amendment. don't touch my shit https://t.co/dzypGHcovC
RT @babyxannyy: I keep in touch but I stay out of reach.
Keep in touch with me - join my fanclub to read my daily diary- view all 50000++ photos and videos!… https://t.co/uAZpFJRcEz
RT @gissellazett: let someone touch my kid like that , I promise y'all I'd be locked up for life for murder https://t.co/36SCj7BFG9
I know how to make this twice as good as it is rn I just love it so much im afraid to touch it 😭😳 https://t.co/A0hrLjdH5Y
The goal is to be able to touch new money everyday
Bet u 12 million smackeroonies the mental health events on campus won't touch my disorders but I never pass up an opp. to talk about myself
RT @fathi_yakan: Serious tak penting sangat pun sebenarnya hantaran tinggi ni, semuanya terletak pada first touch n kebolehan strikers kau untuk score gol
I may not the be the best but I will feed you, play with your hair, and touch your butt. And I might let you pet my dog.
RT @ms_erika74: Help restore integrity!! Don't listen to washed up, out of touch celebrities! Vote @BobGrayGA #BobGray4Congress… https://t.co/Yviz8fuFJi
RT @Kennethsus: @beyonseh Because the black parents wouldn't have played that shit Charlie: "I wouldn't ea-" BP: "BOY DIDN'T I SAY DON'T TOUCH SHIT"
@seanhannity @Schmart1 Sadly for him, Ted Koppel is out of touch & no longer relevant. Too egotistical to give it up with class and dignity😟
aye if anyone gives good back massages or got that asian touch lmk pls i need one
When FKA twigs says when I'm alone I don't need you I love my touch know just what to do https://t.co/Z6hJjYkHzc
RT @BekahHearts1D: Vote for Touch for @K1047's Top 9@9! Click on the Top 9@9 logo! #LittleMix #Heartbreak @radiodisney https://t.co/r0YK3b7k6n
「ぐだぐだくだまき」/「森野翔太郎」のイラスト [pixiv] https://t.co/it7KLpnuEM
RT @LittleMix: Loved hanging out! We tuned in right now hoping to hear 'Touch' 😬🙌🏽 x the girls https://t.co/IFnqOgdcWp