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@bobblegums HEHEHE ILL HAVE IT since everyone present is entitled to hi touch hehe WHERES YOUR FAYNEAPPLE 🙈
@AngrySalmond Don't worry, NEVER touch it even when it's free :) Watch the people who do though ;)
早くOculus touch届いてくれ 絵が描きたい
I want to fall in love with your soul before I touch your skin.
Touch Bar付きMacで画面の不具合でてる人、どれくらいいるんだろう? ちなみに俺の13インチは出てる。ごくたまにだけど、一瞬Rのラインが出たり、Gのラインが出たり。
RT @elitejean: Jinwoo's nape must be magical. Seungyoon is so attached to it. I'd like to touch it someday~❤❤ #JinYoon #YoonWoo #강김 https://t.co/hE5PNMlf0V
RT @dakotasbubble: Christian finally letting the love of his life touch him. https://t.co/41ZvVnz8pc
@TurnbullMalcolm @GregHuntMP @cqc2t_ More out of touch than Hillary 😢
RT @GabeReezy: 3 things my girl not allowed to touch when she with me https://t.co/koQk21puWP
@mr_krispy_kreme lol.. she was a co-worker but i still keep in touch. she was always kind to people but she also never took crap from anyone
RT @tweets2ap: @ashwinpudrod that's not the issue; @sukritisworld feeling anxiety,u should be kind enough to treat her anxiousness Giv her a tender touch😉
RT @AustralianOpen: Eucalyptus trees surround the grounds. Adding a touch of Aussie charm everywhere you look! 🇦🇺 #ausopen https://t.co/kJV82nEBMW
RT @DavidJo52951945: Labour are out of touch with their core voters, they will go to UKIP https://t.co/dG6uxnhfZN
@ZooEvolution lamento informar que mi telefono modelo alcatel one touch no puede descargar zoo evolution y si soy android areglenlo pls grax
I like #DesignatedSurvivor but sometimes they think we're dumb. Of course Kirkman would know they can't touch someone in a foreign embassy.
モイ!iPod touchからキャス配信中 - / メイク💄✨ https://t.co/EBd4USEV0T
RT @uglyfriend7200: bro ALL trolls aside black girls are the rawest thing to touch this earth next to lil b the based god
RT @aizen76: Oculus Touchが届いた方はぜひやっていただきたいので、お気軽にリプライでもDMでもIDを教えていただけるとどなたでも遊べます。VR空間でロケットパンチするの楽しいですよ!#WRocketPunch https://t.co/cbXMiiZzUr
RT @HornyFacts: 4 things my girl not allowed to touch when she with me.. https://t.co/fvHbBJ3PtV
RT @DomUrch: Undone by His touch in the Blink of an Eye shattered in passion she ached to cry Waves of desire Set her on fire… https://t.co/OQz6607BkV
【オフィス雑貨まとめ店】 「(業務用セット) ニトムズ ビニルテープS 5巻入 白 【×10セット】」(業務用セット) ニトムズ... https://t.co/CRfnTgO71B
DONT TOUCH MEEEEEEE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/8PRHwUoSnl
"Don't touch me !" I'm mad weak yo 😭 https://t.co/XIoXx5Hyey