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RT @mytimemysong: One life changing touch Our hearts overlapped Tattooing part of me on you And a part of you on me Now neither of us… https://t.co/bUgRnIU7iX
@Nate_FromdaChym I meant when you try to touch me 🙃😂
@ShiroEternally He couldn't help but laugh a bit, moving into the male's touch. "It's gross though. I need to clean it up.
Thank you for beautiful ways you touch my life FF RT@MaarEenMeisje @CrazycatladyMH @BVSary @PATRICIAGPINTO @grapedevine @RuthHarries5
RT @9mused: Miss A — Touch —favorite title track —such impressive concept + choreo —Miss A always had such great comebacks —… https://t.co/5tm24wU2U7
Mas na touch akong heart naai kuya ni adtu para I surprise iya sister sa final couching 😭😭😭
@SweeetSpot She's indescribably out of touch.
RT @budlight: Two hand touch, you in? https://t.co/ueFQJtRNM1
RT @Joe_Marcincuk: #ISurviveTwitterBy keeping my twittering existence secret from those I might actually touch @AlohaTags
RT @a_honeyboy: My Jinnie (im still soft dont touch me) #yoonjin https://t.co/ZFr7N9d5gk
I wish you were a guitar ... to touch you always (X💜😸🍪) https://t.co/GzQmOhZ0Vv
RT @iHegazy_: "Please, do not touch anyone in this world the way you touched me." https://t.co/HBvQJsVclH
3. I don't rly like plain girl but somehow irresistible. I get how it's appealing to some but I wouldn't touch it
【スマホで同人誌を読もう!】Girl'sManiaxではスマホで同人誌を楽しめます♪電子書籍なので隠し場所にも困らない!みなさんの同人ライフを次世代へ☆ https://t.co/Dn2YJSchvM 【委託作品も募集中】
@KBFischer @S_P_MD @AnnalsofEM "Check out me & this grenade" pulls pin with teeth, realizes camera is out of focus,… https://t.co/77Ku9B88uz
RT @tina_baines: Morning is God's way of saying one more time, go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, inspire a soul… https://t.co/uW52ybw0uY
RT @_u_kyo_: 手持ちのAndroidでは対応していなくてダメだったけど、iPod touchで何とかインストール完了しますた(・∀・) 私が寝そべっている横で……ずんちゃんが…喋る…❤️('ω') #東北ずん子 https://t.co/qEsYjvqNQo
RT @PICA_Perth: Looking for school holiday activities? Exhibition 'Energies' allows interaction via touch, smell, sound and gesture… https://t.co/89geSbYb6B
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/4B6wRQwYyu Mario 3: No Touch Challenge - PART 4 - Game Grumps
@PudgeButcher @pcgamer @PalmerLuckey Exactly. Honey Select or similar with some sort of torso you can put touch con… https://t.co/XEmDDOoXEI
RT @yunghomiewaffle: When Smokepurpp said "yo bitch wanna touch on my peepee" I really felt that
RT @ManUtd: A touch of class from @JuanMata8! 👏 #MUFC https://t.co/1WQfgZMnKb
Apparently @SenJoniErnst showed today in Iowa City just how out of touch she is with Iowans and with healthcare. #GrahamCassidy @PPHeartland