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so i tried writing a letter to chan that he would hopefully read eventually but after a while i just starting cryin… https://t.co/pwdbsQAaWP
RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: Been in touch with Speaker at #Commons Next week i will, with other MPs, apply for a Debate under Standing Order 2… https://t.co/9ER76rLxVK
RT @awagnerart: new glitter ash tray available! made with flowers, glitter, resin, & a touch of magic ✨🦄 $30 + free shipping 💜 r… https://t.co/77xPwgAQe3
RT @chokinghzard: You're only allowed to touch yourself when daddy gives you permission and can see it in person how pathetically slu… https://t.co/b5B4jtaE8m
RT @Tartan_Touch: We have increased to 4⃣5⃣Tartan Touch Hubs for the 2019 season! Find a hub near you at https://t.co/4Mzuc1wL9r 🏉! https://t.co/kkMmZV5JJ2
RT @bakudekudukes: "Touch...p-please, touch me, Master!" Deku whined, spreading himself out like a full course meal. In spite of itsel… https://t.co/mAEorKe3Qf
@ihvfysj 아침에 들으면서 일어나면 상쾌하다못해 승천할듯요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
RT @NateLewis77: Im glad I got coached hard in high school and up, it made me mentally and physically strong AF. And when my coach g… https://t.co/1voDjf7IaG
RT @MaybeFongFom97: ....See me♡> Kiss me♡>Touch me ♡And Love me♡ >》If you can :) https://t.co/Bjo68AuEY8
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@Zargunni Mokhey Jhulana kayo malamal....
RT @Chandrapida1: I will get hateful replies but see the change. RC Majumdar noted how Muslims could not enter inner quarters of hous… https://t.co/S7L6NsmOpG
RT @DAIROCKETTO: nothing has ever been wiped from existence harder than DmC there is legitimately no reason to ever touch it
RT @Timcast: But its obvious to everyone else. To see a verified Twitter user with over 20k followers, writer for TIME, whose s… https://t.co/UQDKO1gh3t
@zetsu How do they not understand what you typed is a meme? How old/out of touch are these people that they don’t know that copy pasta
RT @Chainbody: @froussee @humpbts When Jimin Video chats with u He'll Let u touch yourself. he'll Watch u tease him while licking… https://t.co/XSuTiRIaKp
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RT @MoeCapone300: This is what happens when I touch the stage😅🔥🎤 #Litt #CultureNight #CrowdControlla😁 https://t.co/a2nCycKSBT
RT @Bill_Bicknell: I create some intentionally bad cover letter rejections to stress the importance of understanding the audience's ne… https://t.co/z7WfEdkKI3
RT @NovaSpaceBabe: You shouldn't feel ashamed, dirty or embarrassed to see sex workers. Touch and physical intimacy are huge parts of… https://t.co/YFj47YXkBq
@KevinNelson88 I think the likely physicality of the game means Burke is more likely to get chosen, although power… https://t.co/dfVWXFr6T6
@Iam__fk Kemi kemo ... 🍆 wee soon touch you