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RT @FefeMarty: Everything about this pic is perfect: their profile, the forehead touch,the eyes closed, the mouth open, they breat… https://t.co/aC05FzzagG
RT @Wolfies_Convey: Looking for some conveyancing advice? Get in touch with Plymouth’s largest Residential Team today on 01752 663295.… https://t.co/SNGbRDdNMe
UW friends: @Lauraschhh and I would love to talk with you about how @digitalmappa can help you do and present your… https://t.co/GOuJSmMRlR
Can I twist your knob while I touch your handles?
RT @report_army: ARMY, remember that BTS are humans too. We stand for a peaceful manmer towards all members and other ARMY. Whereve… https://t.co/uIcOxoC23I
@realDonaldTrump Saw again how your wife hates your cheating ass. She doesn’t want to touch you. Then who would aft… https://t.co/VZ4L6CWyiI
RT @ecstaehsy: @SUGA_NATION @BTS_twt fan or not, that doesn’t give anyone the right to touch them, pull them back or shove their p… https://t.co/frAI1Pepul
RT @fredlittle111: @dont_touch_mily @fiifidickson Have been reading through de comments and was shocked I didn't see u😂😂😂😂
RT @KishPayback: Anyone wanna start a vigilante service where we beat up niggas that touch or hit girls????????
Some showers in parts of the area will make a push to the southeast, allowing for a sunny afternoon. A touch cool t… https://t.co/5zLk86Ak4d
RT @jeonsempire: yeah we all wanna touch them be close to them blah blah blah but you don't go around touching attractive ppl on the… https://t.co/8QkGm5H650
RT @fcknaddie: COLE LET THE KID TO TOUCH HIS HAIR!!!!!!! WHAT A CUTIPIE!!!!! ☹️💗 ps: if you'll repost the vid please give credits… https://t.co/9bMSH12tJs
RT @Vonnerrs: this fanart of @IVOFSPADES by beyondreverie is so pure and soft, i'm emotional, dont touch me, bye. https://t.co/FEJSdeP6OU
RT @screamingcryin: Me refusing to touch my food until I find the right youtube video or tv show to start watching https://t.co/6Vd91eB87I
RT @2tweetaboutit: Vote #ForBritain in May. We have candidates in Leeds, Hartlepool, Hastings, Sandwell, Yateley, Bromley, Plymouth… https://t.co/3BDsEJphht
RT @fcknaddie: COLE LET THE KID TO TOUCH HIS HAIR!!!!!!! WHAT A CUTIPIE!!!!! ☹️💗 ps: if you'll repost the vid please give credits… https://t.co/9bMSH12tJs
RT @sheckyyoungman: the impulse to kill everybody in the world because a girl didn't touch your peepee is in fact the very beating heart of the alt-right
RT @sunbladess: For good vibes: have these boys who hardly touch but are totally chill with sharing food ❤️🍱💜 https://t.co/Inq6Lpsnkd
if you even touch a member without their consent you are no longer an army, please don't put shame to our name.
@starsofhazel hi hazel, sorry to hear about this situation. Please tell us more here https://t.co/Pr46AdKlwK ! ^RP
RT @uzma_kazi: Between now-June Im looking to meet with Girls' Groups (11-18 age range) across the #Bradford District for some spe… https://t.co/PSVx8lOLFs
“Touch @EarringOfErza, @ErzasAss, @ChildNatsu or any of my comrades, and you shall not live to see the light of day… https://t.co/gM7mrD2oxr
RT @RPhelpline: We offer practical assistance in reporting and removing content online as well as non-judgmental emotional support… https://t.co/tZZaMooqZ2
RT @LegendsExoOT9: EXO are trully selling machines. Whatever it is, if they breath near it or touch it, it will get sold out. Eris are… https://t.co/XSIgLRNquu