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RT @Cornish_Damo: @eddiemarsan Still flogging the dead horse that is 'Corbyn's a racist' Eddie? Have you not realised yet you're conv… https://t.co/zhaBUPGO28
Rich black people are so out of touch with the everyday person, I can’t wait till I am also out of touch 😭😭😭
RT @Aichanloveo: MT : BAM !! Touch me touch me BB : เอื้อมมือไปแตะตรงหัวใจพี่ 😳 //me เอามือกุมหัวใจ 😭❤️💜 #MarkBam #MTBB https://t.co/ASyHSISDbH
RT @Diez_30et1_Diez: RT si ta jame vraimen compri ski dizai SCH toi tu voulai juste kil te touch avc son doigt
RT @daniksoo: .{\__/} ( ´︶`) / > 🐧 Look! I have Do Kyungsoo {\__/} ( ˘ ³˘ ) 🐧< \ Nobody can touch him {\__/} (._. ) < \ No… https://t.co/J9KC2Qsgf2
RT @inkandstars: touch is sacred— the altarium where two souls meet
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RT @puifai_ritz: @mtjbjrjsyjbbyk Bam touch me ok? พี่เค้าเอางานมาอ้างอีกแล้วค่ะ🤧 https://t.co/lJVD4kK6wW
RT @rdjrudd: "and i am iron man" tony says. when he's about to snap his fingers, he feels a hand on his shoulder. steve says "an… https://t.co/F38lrB7GkR
RT @RachakondaCop: Teach Your Children About Good Touch And Bad Touch https://t.co/1RYI7aLqaT
RT @UgwunnaEjikem: Most Nigerian girls are poor in bed but they don't know cos the men are horny animals that cum at basic touch. Litt… https://t.co/xLeaJmeluv
{\__/} ( ´︶`) / > 👶🏻 look! I have Choi Hyunsuk! {\__/} ( ˘ ³˘ ) 👶🏻< \ nobody can touch him {\__/} (._. ) <… https://t.co/cyJEuY1onL
@clowncursed Find the nearest manhole cover and touch it for four minutes. On another time line, none may not attac… https://t.co/r0KYogj4wk
RT @BleacherReport: That touch 🔥 (via levisdudiis/IG) https://t.co/dpZSZRjaSv
RT @_fatpanda_v: if this aint be before high touch #MONSTA_X @OfficialMonstaX #MONSTAX_WeBareBears #MonstaX_on_WeBareBears… https://t.co/Mhh6YNrh3d
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@clowncursed Find the nearest building and touch it for five minutes. Here and there, nobody will not be able to jo… https://t.co/EVi5FJpCvm
RT @joonstopia: Imagine having Hip Hop Phile, Paradise, Home, Tomorrow, Pied Piper and a ton of other good ass songs just laying ar… https://t.co/PykblUzzdA
RT @NickBoles: I have many friends in the Tory Party but I’m afraid the party has nothing to offer the country now. A new leader w… https://t.co/Ws5F2CDWEh
RT @danikolsen: I get people feel superior when they #DeleteFacebook. For some of us it's the easiest way to keep in touch with lar… https://t.co/yKWAn78sLm
This why ion even touch my phone when i drive throw that shit of shuffle whatever play it just play https://t.co/99FDc3FhNl
RT @KaweesaPatra: I’ll say all the freaky ass shyt you know in this world and sound like your new found lil whore 🍑💦BUT. SO H… https://t.co/25NYdTI22F
RT @legallyines: y’all wanna hate water signs until you need to be comforted and our presence, words and/or touch are the only thing… https://t.co/nCzOJwGJLn
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RT @Aichanloveo: MT : BAM !! Touch me touch me BB : เอื้อมมือไปแตะตรงหัวใจพี่ 😳 //me เอามือกุมหัวใจ 😭❤️💜 #MarkBam #MTBB https://t.co/ASyHSISDbH