iPod (not iPod Touch)

RT @100SUCESSAGY: aquela buceta tem mais rappers do q o meu iPod, oh my god
@ionia_bot ホネホネロック~ホネホネロック~ホネホネ~ホネロック♪(iPodで栄斗から紹介されたホネホネロックを聞いている様です)
i'm going to be a little inactive because my iPod is broke and literally all my other electronics have bad internet so!! maybe
@MandyJHancock hey, has Theo lost his iPod?
RT @BitchAuslex: Fico imaginando como os ricos devem reclamar de amigo secreto: Dou um Macbook e recebo um iPod
iPhone/ipod 互換 イヤホン(マイク付き) 価格:¥ 170 レビューより「とても安価だったのでこれに決めました。」 https://t.co/FZXg9njwk0
【iPhone裏技】iPodの曲をイヤホンで聴いていて、すぐに音楽を停止したい時。イヤホンを外すと自動的にiPodの曲が停止されるので、わざわざ、iPodの操作画面にいかなくて良い。 #iPhoneJP #iPhoneApp
Leeron Altavoz Bluetooth 4.1 Inalámbrico Portátil IPX7 a Prueba de Agua y P .... https://t.co/prPb2XlK3l #GeekJoze https://t.co/Er2u08l0tX
https://t.co/ydIxnYoVNK. #canecanotrabalho na onda dos Ipod,Ipad Iqualquer coisa por que não uma Imug confira esta… https://t.co/U4jhM2KRUZ
ゲームボーイミクロユーザーの中にはその携帯性の 高さからPLAY-YAN microと組み合わせ、ゲーム用 ではなくiPodのようなデジタルオーディオプレー ヤーとして使用する者もいる。
Cleaning with old tunes on my iPod. Magical.
Mossberg: In tech, form trumps function too often https://t.co/jbgkT91Roz
El aleatorio del iPod me pone Three Days Grace y LOS FEELINGS.
Et puis je voulais aller courir là, plus d'iPod il a disparu, putaaaaaaaaain
Auriculares Stereo Nike Cable Plano/Alta Definición Para MP4,MP3, IPOD, ect. https://t.co/ZQkvwtSy1z
@Jo_himself handy, ipod, psvita, lampe. Die Schubladen bleiben geheim
'What if newspapers are killing their Ipod without an iPhone in sight?' #ThoughtProvoking https://t.co/ay4YS5y3nm via @CJR
"Hey Christina, how are you today?" Well, I just almost started crying because All The Small Things came on my ipod & I wasn't expecting it
@ionia_bot ホネホネロック~ホネホネロック~ホネホネ~ホネロック♪(iPodで栄斗から紹介されたホネホネロックを聞いている様です)
@hardpec dang it. I need to go ahead and upgrade my iPod tonight. The past few days I can't get any sound to play on twitter
New tile being put in or around with free invisible shields for iPhone and iPod touches.
Found my old iPod from my skating days. 😎