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Finally loading my Bjork into my iPod nano, about time for some human sensuality.
モイ!iPod touchからキャス配信中 - / コメントしてね! https://t.co/20pRGWvOnX
RT @Tweetdujour_: Cette musique dans ton iPod que tu sautes toujours mais que tu ne supprimes pas.
RT @ArisakaChiaki: 今日もこっちー✨ アンプもiPodも最近ご機嫌ななめなので、もつとこまで頑張ります♪ https://t.co/Xg4kW9UFpv
nice la ipod hilang
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@ohhheymanda hahahah same. I used to ask to borrow my friends iPod so I can listen to it. Issa banger.
iPodで呟いてるので 打ちにくい (シメジじゃないから)
my phone does not ring unless it's Deja, Arianna, or Tiari.. this mf is an ipod.
RT @kawaiikittens1: Its finally the weekend i know what i am Doing. Getting a ipod https://t.co/zpUozuRGKN
RT @iamamurray: It's NOT fully certain he knows who I am. I can't make that call of conceit....mostly because he started yelling about the specs of his iPod
Puse a cargar el ipod 😂
ナイキ ipod通販ショップです。https://t.co/sFXEUTAuAl
Ipod case coming tomorrow oh yass
RT @jage_jp: おはようございます。本日のiPod自動選曲1曲目は、「Serious / Duran Duran」でした。最後の来日が2008年4月なのでそろそろ久しぶりの来日公演を希望…。では、本日も頑張って行ってきます。 https://t.co/XQdGvC5gsz
puta merda vou ter q atualizar o whatsapp obrigatoriamente pior q pra atualizar no ipod é um parto
Afterwards, my iPod spontaneously rebooted as if it couldn't handle the sheer awesomeness of #ArcOfBar. Therefore I shall play it again.