Jregardais la video de Chris et Luke et mon IPod il s'éteint oklm ce fdp
@marc3374 I've got Shame from Wembley 88 and VTAK from Manchester Apollo from 89 on my iPod
RT @OhDunnoWho: #Apple should be fined €13bn anyway for making criminally rubbish iPod earbuds. #AppleTax
RT @_HisPsychoBabe: IPOD: -REMEMBER IPODS -CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS NOW A PHONE -MINE WAS PINK -You had this and a phone it's crazy https://t.co/ljhYn3urGo
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Pelo menos o meu ipod funciona, porque se eu não ouvir música todos os dias acho que enlouqueço
tried on these cute ck overalls today!! (yes that's an ipod don't @ me) https://t.co/D6wowToIr9
electro #Deals : https://t.co/CjvmLVrzEw Kenwood Bluetooth USB CD iPod Radio, 2-Lanzar 6x9 500W White Marine Speak… https://t.co/T00AhXpwi9
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Perdi o iPod, linde
iPad Done ! #FMI #OFF #iCloud #ActivationLock #iPod #iPad $29.99 USD Done in 1-12 hrs Best Price ever ! https://t.co/kzgra04Iaw