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RT @KennyPolcari: Of course YOU do....that's what I said...the Buyers loved it, but how do you explain the mispricing to the sellers… https://t.co/w5aSMmxm4U
Careem to exit #Sudan, a possible reduction in $3.1 billion price. Because of US sanctions on Sudan, #Uber set a pr… https://t.co/pwQXqEXEiT
RT @TomeuRamon: Merece la pena leer este comentario de un usuario del FT sobre el folleto de la IPO de Uber. Con todo merecimiento… https://t.co/YJYBFPiGsA
An actually good SV IPO Meanwhile everyone is obsessed with over-hyped Lyft, Uber 🤔 The herding effect is strong… https://t.co/0rDkzarX2l
@faiyeestella alar???the way i was hoping to win that tender..second ipo lini??
Pinterest stock soars after IPO, with hopes pinned on overseas growth https://t.co/oUX4eo0czh
RT @Forbes: Zoom CEO Eric Yuan is cloud's newest billionaire worth $1.9 billion after his video communications company raised $… https://t.co/8HEb3RoMjP
RT @business: Lyft investors sue as stock slumps, claiming IPO was overhyped https://t.co/x80knkYZML
RT @bytebot: A lot has been said about the Uber IPO prospectus but maybe none as cogent as this FT comment. https://t.co/sa3ACm0zTA
RT @LaRetuerka: Estáis todas GIL...IPO...LLAS. NADA MÁS QUE AÑADIR. https://t.co/iz7AtzJ5XB
RT @alexrkonrad: Eric Yuan's story is more impressive when you consider he almost never made it to the U.S. His visa application was… https://t.co/JxopfmXHbq
Today we would like to introduce you to our subsidiary company: SVP4U SECURITIES, INC. As an SEC-registered transf… https://t.co/rGBjNSU4fX
RT @Ubergeddon: Uber secures much-needed $1 billion investment for self-driving cars unit — Quartz No, I think ⁦@SoftBank⁩ & ⁦… https://t.co/Iz4UHiSJT3
seu perfil foi visto por 2 pessoas na última hora https://t.co/lAmZZX1ySH
RT @JayminSOfficial: Big wealth doesn’t come in monthly paychecks. It comes when a #startup goes public, transforming hypothetical money… https://t.co/j0YvXdCkLX
All the information was out there. If anyone cared to look. These are the same people about to oversubscribe to… https://t.co/GCIdLh2Reu
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RT @alexrkonrad: Zoom's IPO wowed Wall Street yesterday. Behind the $16B market cap bonanza: new billionaire Eric Yuan, the immigran… https://t.co/4zvw02AKPB
RT @business: Lyft's stock has tumbled sharply since its IPO, and it has taken less than three weeks for disillusioned shareholde… https://t.co/1b00f2QXDg
RT @business: Lyft investors sue as stock slumps, claiming IPO was overhyped https://t.co/x80knkYZML
“We had a great conversation on how my game relates to his business, doing the little things right,” Iguodala says.… https://t.co/R7obnVSbvF
Lyft and Other Gig-Economy Giants Cash In With IPOs Before Labor Laws Catch Up With Them (via @Pocket) https://t.co/uhX81LgkAp
RT @BuffaloSchwartz: #Lyft (LYFT), which began trading on #Nasdaq at the end of March, has since been hammered by investors due in part… https://t.co/At76iXk4Ur
RT @zcabrams: Amazon raised $10M before their ipo. Different times.