RT @Itspedrito: meu sonho ter um iphone 7 dai eu perguntar em voz alta "alguem tem carregador?" dai perguntam "pra qual celular?" ai eu respondo "IPHONE 7"
@yahoomail mail is not loading on my iPhone 6s 😡I have done all the things, read all the FAQs and I still have no idea #whatisgoingon
【!?】JKのiPhone所有率、脅威の84.8% https://t.co/ahj0APggA9 https://t.co/AsrtLvtgkz
@u_Oxoa iPhone壊れて画面おかしくなったの(;_;)💦
iPhone 8 might include an advanced facial recognition feature, just like Android https://t.co/cTPwBaDUnb
Dear Apple, I really wish my Iphone could play music thru the AuX & let me talk on the phone at the same time. Multitasking option please.
RT @doctor_maebashi: おはようございます~ 今日は暖かい☺ さて、昨日は2度の落下により、iPhoneが起動しなくなり太田市から前橋店に駆け込んでくれたお客様来店。 諦めていたお客様に何も無かったかのように綺麗な状態で返す事が出来て良かったです!… https://t.co/cX59Yi6oSB
RT @BillNye: I offered the climate deniers $10,000 about this. They would’ve lost. Actually, we’re all losing—fast. https://t.co/ddHrAieQRh
tu pija es como mi iPhone 4, chiquita, gruesa y dan... — Salió el 7, t quedaste atrás https://t.co/9iN7ehfa4R
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RT @MelhorDoGoogle: "tem iphone mas anda de onibus" ate pq o iphone é um celular e não um carro
Perdón por la expresión tan grosera, pero la @PrevencionACHS vale call... ¿como pueden ser tan chantas?, sería más digno que dejaran de ser.
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RT @katierogers: My deep dive with @giakourlas - what happens when a Rockette steps out of line? https://t.co/fBTXS7Lc6R
おはようございます☀ 暖かいお天気ですね(╹◡╹) 今日は安くて、面白いCOCO PHONE紹介いたします〜 iPhoneだけじゃなく、パソコンやスマートフォン、普通の携帯でも使えいただけま〜す。 #iPhone修理https://t.co/KyjDFGlNLU
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