RT @jkelly3rd: White House had said two days earlier that Air Force One would not be “used in the background as a prop.” https://t.co/PlLWhj4MDO
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@horanmalec amiga ce sabe algum aplicativo de video pra iphone ?
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次期iPhoneは大画面と大容量バッテリー搭載か | https://t.co/akqJUg7NZK
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Apple Mungkin Hilangkan Ciri Khas di iPhone 8 - Detikcom https://t.co/Y5oJejWYhr
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さくらんぼでは水没修理も大丈夫!雨に濡れた・トイレに落とした・洗面所に落としたなどの場合でも修理が可能です!時間が経つと復旧が出来なくなってしまいますので、水に濡れてしまった場合は早急にお持ちください! #前橋 #iPhone水没 #高崎 #画面割れ #群馬 #小山
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RT @EmeraldSpecter: @Alexandriathred @MissMiniver @EmeraldSpecter The iPhone 7 Plus camera is truly epic. MissMiniver was a terrific subject, too!
Todavía no entiendo mi iPhone
Well, as many of you know, I bit the apple a few months back and got an iThingy. To be specific, it’s an iPhone 6s https://t.co/YUlMsR9T2p