what the fuck goes through your head to chuck my perfume at my tv and throw my ipad on the floor..don't even want to speak to you right now
El Apple Pencil 2 llegará en marzo junto a nuevos iPad: reporte … https://t.co/T7Qxtrp72Z
I have just reached 25 level in Mystery Manor! Be my guest and get your gift! https://t.co/G2cTV3hQCI #ipad #ipadgames #gameinsight
RT @distracted_monk: No, I don't want to use your disgusting fucking iPad.
RT: @NotiPromar :La señal #PromarTv en tu dispositivo móvil (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, iPad) entrando a https://t.co/JDPOOCNqzk
@richarddinnick @LisaGifford ah, these are very good points. I work at a desk on the MacBook most days, so the iPad would be for outings!
Oye preciosa...Eres como un iPad: fina, bonito y dan ganas de tocarte 😍
5 California and French Wines to Consider This Summer - AKA my drinking list. via @nytimes https://t.co/XEnwiYB1we https://t.co/ykpf1gAX6d
21位→8位:「戦艦帝国-200艘の実在戦艦を集めろ (YOKOSUKA軍港めぐりへご招待)」がApp Storeで売上急上昇中! https://t.co/tw1M9fOybi
マインドマップを直感的に記入・閲覧できるアプリ『SimpleMind Pro+ 直感的なマインドマッピング』がAppStoreでダウンロード数を大幅に伸ばす https://t.co/fUiHQpwe7J
【電子書籍情報】高島暦の大家:高島万鳳さんの無料アプリ(iPhone、iPad)が発売中!!「2012年貴方の運勢」https://t.co/khN16zFQ3D https://t.co/2KpDY8vCjz #denshi
I love using twitter on Mac OS X using my iPad
@ruthbrarian @jkshields @tad_overdue unfortunately it's not possible on the iPad for various Apple-related reasons
Hurray! I've completed the 'Magic Wand' quest in Mystery Manor game! https://t.co/GbxrwaFRDr #ipad #ipadgames #gameinsight
Should I sell my iPad or keep it
Не сдержался - Блин. Ребята. Новый GarageBand просто афигенен. Связка из iPad и Macbook дает такое... https://t.co/9fGFqEjnMd
RT @Teknoloji: iPhone ve iPad depolama alanı nasıl boşaltılır? https://t.co/nSzgbkMFh4 #Teknoloji #Haberler