RT @gommatt: The @Procreate iPad digital painting I started two days ago! I like how it turned out. Go to my YouTube channel to… https://t.co/ImMzbwqi3N
ごめん新しいiPadきたらガルパに転向しようとおもうわ すまんなソルティガイジ
RT @LylaEverwettt: So tried to use the iPad for an additional angle on a vid and somehow ended up with this ....damn I need tech help https://t.co/FQXvDeDJG6
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Have you seen Keymand yet? It’s a way of turning your #iPad into the touchscreen your #Mac deserves. Anyone tried i… https://t.co/YjCjl9pxZj
@sekotser_ Since stupid Hotmail has changed format on my iPad I can’t find out how to block repeat junk mail offend… https://t.co/bnqOH9k0bE
Watch latest ads promoting 9.7″ iPad with Apple Pencil support https://t.co/62YOL0kkAa https://t.co/RWTb8hUdx2
RT @hanabii2017: PUBGいれたよー!! 【公式スマホ版PUBGの入れ方】初心者でも超簡単なiOS『iPhone&iPad』ダウンロード方法!!&WeChat導入方法 https://t.co/ACGGwpJHoy @YouTubeさんから
RT @kimuranaohirode: モイ!iPadからキャス配信中 - https://t.co/ZzXps5ilAL
モイ!iPadからキャス配信中 - https://t.co/iJZnuy3D0S
@kurahigurasi ごめん、吹き出したwwこれは誤解されるって、まいちゃんww デジタル練習なの?スッゴく綺麗✨✨めっちゃいいかんじ! デジタルって何使ってるのiPad Pro?パソコン?
Any of my comping friends on here can you keep your eye out for iPad comps, just got word my son’s can not be fixed… https://t.co/J08PtOxDwU
RT @Beef: Can dirt save the earth? With a little help from cattle it just might. https://t.co/xkdp0ZgdZi via @nytimes… https://t.co/60zOajRyIQ
お酒飲みながら雑談 モイ!iPadからキャス配信中 - https://t.co/dKHAM72sSH #福岡
RT @luluEscoAvalos: #PrevenciónDeAdicciones Daños de las drogas, Collage grupal. IPAD-02 grupo 601. @CEM_Neza1 https://t.co/4V5220ZGTI
誰かワイにiPad pro買ってください もちろん新しいやつです できれば容量大きいやつ
Shoutout to my hometown library for having ebooks available so I can save my coins and just read books on my iPad. Blessed.
モイ!iPadからキャス配信中 - https://t.co/1PEvIxYz2q