Best Games for Kids HD - Monster Sisters Fashion Party iPad Gameplay HD: https://t.co/9WOwwoaakb via @YouTube
@Gocompare It was my iPad but it worked on my phone 📱
same for me. I carry my phone, ipad, and laptop almost everywhere. I dont have my own business but I am a business.
RT @flashfly: ลือสนั่น!! Apple จะเปิดตัว iPhone 7 และ 7 Plus สีแดง, iPhone SE ความจุ 128GB และ iPad Pro… https://t.co/zoo8CGsacl… https://t.co/PkdULtpGjF
RT @mayflashfly: ลือสนั่น!!Apple จะเปิดตัว iPhone 7 และ 7 Plus สีแดง, iPhone SE ความจุ 128GB และ iPad Pro รุ่นใหม่เดือนหน้า… https://t.co/ZGfUDQBghw
モイ!iPadからキャス配信中 - https://t.co/XDCAgf0pl8 #モンスト
BEST NZ EXPORT SINCE THE PAVLOVA Bernie Dowling O LORDE! #iPad #nonfiction #swifties
@JeremySimser other point is, they probably want you to just use an ipad. I dunno, this isn’t my area.
RT @iteach_uk: For all of you heading to #ilearn2017 - safe travels and we promise an amazing event for teaching and learning with… https://t.co/k7nUziYf5t
RT @davidaxelrod: I'd suggest anyone considering becoming National Security Adviser read this story first. https://t.co/Nmh8XQC5jP NYTimes
@zcichy see a place for full Final Cut Pro on the iPad (in contrast to photo editing. Photographers are often on the go)
im very excited for the fact that I will be the first time to have the app on the ipad app but it does have a deep voice
Applis iPad passées gratuites et ... Les nouveaux iPad en mars ? https://t.co/RhueVF6g7k
RT @MacDigger_ru: Обои на тему WWDC 2017 для iPhone, iPad и Mac https://t.co/imkKaedt6S https://t.co/5kv2PWXRtl
@Anthony_Bateman @AirFranceFR j'ai lu mais c'est présupposer que des clients éco aient tous un iPad :/
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El evento de marzo de Apple: nuevos iPad y… ¿iPhone 7 y 7 Plus en color rojo? https://t.co/LFDI53Q6YE por @A_iPhone
In Store Demo: @DxOLabs #DxOONE, a Digital Camera for your iPhone and iPad! https://t.co/8uiswHOFWo
Mike Pence Tells a Skeptical E.U. That It Has Trump’s Support, via @nytimes who to believe then? is Pence Pres now? https://t.co/BBI28AcgdK
Paper.io beginner's tips - How to survive your early moments https://t.co/FW0qU3I1v5 #IPAD
Apple March Event Details: iPad Pro 2, 128GB iPhone SE, And Red iPhone 7 [Rumor] https://t.co/ZxWsnRwUSL #IPAD
Apple has released iOS 10.3 beta 3 for iPhone and iPad alongside watchOS 3.2 beta 3 for Apple ... https://t.co/QFtdmSxHkA #IPAD
Rumour: Apple's next iPad refresh could also bring new iPhone models https://t.co/QIJn2OJxTr #IPAD