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後iPadのケースサイズ間違えて買ってしまった 給料来たら買い直さなきゃ
Apple iPad Pro MLYT2LL/A Wifi+Cellular (Sprint) 32GB Rose Gold A1674 #giveaway https://t.co/mrkqt07llQ
@jjsmeiman @TheLawFirm3118 @JuliaHadley15 @peejgames @SenSanders @Jonywalker56 He needs that iPad attachment JJ..
Día uno con iPad, es un nuevo comienzo
I wonder how the colours look on different devices cause I copied them from a screenshot but they look darker on my iPad
iPhone iPad 85円 電子書籍~ビジネス編~ - NAVER まとめ https://t.co/si9SI8JJAG
RT @zahiraxo: "Spent a week looking for my iPad" 😰 https://t.co/yXVnrnQmt6
RT @bIessbaby: i'm so happy i grew up in a time where we played hide and seek & played on the street with friends rather than playing on an ipad all day
RT @yosioka_san: iPadで一枚レイヤー厚塗りセトさん https://t.co/hBv0uWwvmM
Delta is Switching Over 37,000 Pilots and Flight Attendants to iPhone and iPad From Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Surf…… https://t.co/BCBBzGDrhP
Ho dovuto riscriverlo sull'ipad bc dovevo mandarlo su messenger quindi ci ho messo una vita mA L'HO MANDATO RAGA VOGLIO SOTTERRARMI
@lisaracey nobody gave me an iPad when I was that young 🤣
iBooks ストア 電子書籍 ブック『愛でセックスを買う男・セックスで愛を買う女』 https://t.co/v32pWE1nsn ★心理学で読み解く男女の違いに迫る!★女はなぜ、好きでもない男とデートするのか?スマホ iPhone iPad♯拡散希望 都内 イベント 街コン
@futeraer iPadとか少し画面が広くて綿手袋してればアイビスでもそこそこ行けると思うけどそれだと手軽さがねぇ😅 画面の小ささとか操作の面でも1から全部描けるようになるには相当時間かかりそう💦 iPhone使ってるんだけど… https://t.co/cwCv3Az7qh
@sarahcareyIRL @AngNagle But you can use an IPad?
RT @RJTechy: Join us for the iPAD Academy https://t.co/xSWoTy8QiF
Androidは画面小さくてプレイしやすいけど動作が重い、 iPadは動作軽いけど12インチで大きい
Apple iPad Pro MLYT2LL/A Wifi+Cellular (Sprint) 32GB Rose Gold A1674 $299.99 via eBay https://t.co/2A2CfqOCTu #ipadhttps://t.co/sRehmQDLyG
En verdad se me llega a apagar el iPad o el móvil mientras lo hacia y estaría en un rincón llorando jajajaj
Apple iPad 2 MC980LL/A 9.7-Inch 32GB (White) 1395 via eBay https://t.co/JvnOGHwdbI https://t.co/L5OIan3LvO
Apple iPad Pro MLYT2LL/A Wifi+Cellular (Sprint) 32GB Rose Gold A1674 via eBay https://t.co/h8HkXEqHaQ https://t.co/N9BR6zkxQO