The lady who threaded my eyebrows and the inventor of @BenefitBeauty's Gimme Brow need raises, stat.
RT @pefabiodemelo: Uma prova de que a humanidade é ingrata é o fato de nunca ter havido um agradecimento formal ao inventor do leite condensado.
Isaac Peral, el Tesla español olvidado por una traición. inventor del primer submarino torpedero.…
RT @NTelevisa_com: En #Zacatecas, un inventor construyó una máquina que transforma restos de plástico en diésel y gasolina #10EnPunto…
RT @_whattheDEUCE: Why do we teach kids to be slav.., I mean workers and not inventors? Creators? Individuals?
Muere a los 111 años el inventor del ‘pinyin’, el chino ‘normalizado’ via @el_pais
Amor eterno al inventor del aire acondicionado 👏
RT @NYHistory: Happy birthday to inventor, printer, writer, politician, and diplomat (among other things) Benjamin Franklin, born…
@girlwithtrowel @brennawalks 8. Resistance leader 9. Inventor 10. Lumberjack
RT @GoogleExpertUK: #GraceHopper became one of the 1st people to program #computers in WWII #tech #science
RT @wadhwa: If Not Darwin, Who? --a brilliant essay by @philipcball on the many inventors who contribute to all breakthroughs
Invention inspiration #MadeinChicago. Check out @makexchange's new #Arduino based Inventors Kit.
@Nessa425 the inventor of the atomic bomb never fought in ww2 neither, I'm just trying to help create the ultimate weapon.
17 января - Kid inventors' day! #artberloga
RT @LaGuiaDelVaron: Inventor mexicano encuentra la forma de producir gasolina barata con desechos -
RT @pam_E_chic: Lil bro (8) - i want to be an inventor scientist Me: like dexter? Him: who? Me: .. um dexters lab? cartoon? Him: blank stare Oh my God
RT @Celtas_e_iberos: 17/1/1706 Nace en Boston Benjamin Franklin,científico,político, inventor,filósofo y uno de los padres de la indepen…
RT @MrWordsWorth: An inventor has created a robot that can play bagpipes 24/7 practically forever, so I guess I have a new mortal enemy now.
RT @WaterlooLib: Today is "Kid Inventors' Day." Why not inspire them with these books on famous inventions.
RT @FourCourtsPress: "Profound & moving analysis of one of the greatest inventors of modern Ireland" – now just €9.95…