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Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. #Bot
with thousands dying prematurely (murdered by greed & eugenic insanity)
@TTIPfreeZone @PaulMagnette @Wallonia_BE please Paul, be my hero. Stop this insanity!
RT @shanep1: Insanity: Intel advisor to Obama pushes connection between climate change and terrorists! via @frankgaffney
Another senseless act of terror. When will this insanity end? #QuettaAttack
my boy @miracleisiller 's new project Blessed is silly good.. Reppin for the OZ..
this should be called the levels of insanity n hell tulpaville isnt quite loonville till u hit wonderland achieve your goals unselfishly, GOD helps you to believe in yourself & GOD helps you to retrieve your sanity from the hands of insanity
I'm scared when I see my family im going to hit that insanity moment again
The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success #BruceFeirstein #success
Cosmo Tip 72: No longer can a father honestly warn his son that masturbation will cause brain damage, weakness, baldness, or insanity.
@MisterMetokur when's new Internet Insanity episode, this is good shit
Book Trailer: Equating the Equations of Insanity via @YouTube
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Social media insanity! Saudi Groom Divorces Wife After Two Hours – Because She Snapchatted The Wedding
@ExposingBBC @HackneyAbbott Decency left England right now, since the vectors have been let loose,in the long run humanity wins insanity.
youll have to witness homuras dyke insanity five whole times
one of these days, they will see just what all their insanity and bullshit lead down to.
RT @ggdshame: g du mal a me reveiller
@FLAME_Insanity まじすか…特訓に励みまする…
RT @feukz: "Quand quelqu'un essaye de me réveiller tôt alors que je suis en vacances"
@ao_insanity タグ反応ありがとうございます!良かったら、繋がりませんか?
Please read 👉🏻 Former Iditarod musher turned animal advocate for sled dog abuse #OpIditarod