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Leaders should be solution-bearers, not problem-rearers. Turning a nation into a war zone because of greed is gross insanity. #Gambiacrisis
Thanks. Had all these thoughts and feelings were in the past. I've found ways to regulate my life and curb my insan…
This is insanity. Save the Philippines from the police.
THE COMPLETION OF INSANITY - Joseph Martelli: via @YouTube
"It's madness, it's madness and it's insanity" Okon on FS says referee was going to give O'Donovan a yellow before AR intervened #MCYvCCM
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RT @LThomas54538855: "Procurement’s technological insanity — The reality of change" by @bmaltaverne on @LinkedIn
RT @RobynDunnit: “The sad thing is that it will be lose-lose for Queenslanders down the track.”
RT @ScottPresler: The funniest thing is democrats don't realize their own hypocrisy. Marching for women w/ an ANTI-WOMAN group is insanity. #CAIR #WomensMarch
I just messaged my reps about this: Pruitt at helm of EPA--height of insanity.
"It's madness. It's insanity. And it ruined the game." Strong words from Paul Okon! #MCYvCCM
RT @EclipseRecords: Interview w @SixtyMilesAhead by @HARDROCKOLOGY about new album 'Insanity' touring, influences and more! Listen at…
rePetiTION Is insaNITy ..
Interview w @SixtyMilesAhead by @HARDROCKOLOGY about new album 'Insanity' touring, influences and more! Listen at…
RT @Subiakto: Yg abadi pd manusia adlh perubahannya. Jkt pun butuh perubahan. (Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting dif…
Join us as we delve into some @Marvel insanity and geeky goodness with our friends from @certainpovpod!
RT @oliverburkeman: A little tired of op-eds arguing that to be a "reasonable" Remainer, I need to start pretending that I don't think Brexit is insanity
In business, “insanity” would mean resting on your oars and sticking to what works without improvements. #newyear
Only Broke or Silly individuals would take #Ford up on its 72 month #autoloan program
Video: MyNameIsJosephine Joins Us! - Page Boy TJGets Roasted! - INSANITY!!! - Drunken Peasants #320…
RT @ScottPresler: The #WomensMarch working with CAIR is like the LGBTQ community working with the Muslim Brotherhood. It's insanity. They hate women & gays.
RT @kennethcoleslaw: @TheUsurper insanity plea means bye bye kiddo. I guess we'll see...
RT @Minatweetsx: "Loving you was hard, wanting you was harder, but kissing your forehead was insanity." 😭😍🙈 They r heavenly beautifu…