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@hell0rie In line at the store and I cannot stop lol’ing like people hate me right now 😂🤣😭
@anyeezuss @xfxture @ING Like I said , go to your appointment . The traffic in LA is unpredictable , no?
Satoshi: I f***ing love you. Mirai: Dude don't use that word.... or your crush gonna dump you Satoshi: I f***ing l…
So all I gained was one of only those three German men ha-ha-ha-ing like bellows.”
Silly take. Doesn't help that it's punctuated by Skip "mmmmm"ing like he's eating his brother's Mexican cooking.
@rudytaylorlaw @DOM_Frederic He’s OPS’ing like .600 the last month. That’s garbage.
Imagine being someone who watches both @loosewomen and @BBCTheOneShow .. You must wander around the house Baa'ing l…
Doja cat has been making fire music for years!!! I’m mad everyone wants to pay attention now because sis is mooo’ing like a cow
dogs came back from the vet after having an anaesthetic and he’s lying flat out eyes shut moo’ing like a cow pahahaha make it stop
This super hard n word is on here keke’ing like he’s Drake but can’t reply to my message from yesterday. Okeh.
No dude, you gone be out here moo'ing like a cow😂😂😂😂
@mrbabone @shah_rhon @shuggahx @Amusanpeterr @ING Like y'all don't need answers from your government too? Is your…
Playing Dream!ing like I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m levelling up so I’m doing something right
RT @IamMoon7: I love when they're being themselves and #J2-ing like hell without carrying at all. 😍😍😍❤
@Miss__Vivi I'm afk'ing like a total loser in a vague effort to look cool haha
@DRUDGE_REPORT Ummm everyone impersonates Americans on Twitter :/ It's because America is #MAGA 'ing like HELL!!! 👍
@ArielMatthews5 boy she’s OD’ing like let that hurt go and promote your shit in a healthy way
Sometimes I wish I never got my perfect angel baby puppy cuz I can't even imagine her d*ing. Like, how do ppl deal with that?????
this water has me TT’ing like a race horse!!
i’m starting school on wednesday so wont be dm’ing like that 😪