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C'mon, everyone - don't make me keep RT-ing @moebius_strip. Follow her, already.
RT @CONALEP_DGO: Ing. Palomino tomó protesta a los nuevos integrantes de la Junta Directiva de Conalep.
Damn this f***ing dragon boss! #AncientWyvern #darksouls3
SUR-NTE circular por Av. Gran Canal o por Ing. Eduardo Molina. Consulta #MapaInteractivo 2/2
anyone have that video of @OGCHASEB dj'ing at Webster hall and the crowd is going crazy??
After all the shit #PresidentElect Trump gave Hillary he's nominated 3 Goldman-Sachs. Are you F-ing kidding me!
not tgis-ing cos I have an exam and i still know nothing. Hmmm
RT @kelseymsutton: .@weitchou says she’s sorry for “diminish[ing] the range and value” of @ira, @dstfelix and @theshrillest’s writing…
@Marsteke Since winning election, although we're x-ing fingers electoral college will rule otherwise, Trump has lied 560 times. @NewDay @CNN
RT @xyai_: I wanted to draw them making out a lot and also Yuri eros-ing it up in bed don't look at me #YuriOnIce
RT @TSMZeRo: Things I look for when attending events: 1) Who's TO'ing? Is it Champ/Vayseth/Bear? 2) When does BO5 start? 3) Amount of setups.
プロレスラー蟹K☆INGのお部屋【イベント参加中!】 配信中!!
@_RT_ing 공유 위주로 굴러가는 letters to juliet 입니다 예쁜 보정이 잔뜩 기다리고 있으니 메인 트윗에 있는 예시 확인 후에 프로필에 있는 계정 많은 팔로우 부탁드립니다 어서 팔로우 해 주세요
Sprague'ing the Line Picks: .@KevinToddTSB: Army +6, Minn Vikings -3, O 46pts WSH/PHI .@BrandonSprague: Lions SU, Den Broncos +1, WSH SU
RT @FrankieJGrande: And that is why my sister is a f***ing ⭐️. 🙌😳 #HairsprayLive
RT @kinghyungwon: CAN YOU BELIEVE WANG SO DANCED TO TT???? I am TT-ing for the rest of my life
@UrsaMajor2K Haklısınız. İng. bilmese bile netteki bir çok sözlüğe bakabilir. Belli ki ihracat imkanı olan bir ürün olarak düşünülmüş.
@zepphere @nauticalanchors hEAVY BREATHIN, NATTIE UR A BLESSING!!!!
@Ing_ssSc 私もなんだけどね爆(☝΄◞ิ۝◟ิ‵)☝1年が早いのなんの((((;゚;Д;゚;))))カタカタカタカタカタカタカタ ストーカーしてきたよ壁|ϖ´ิ/// )チラッ💕💕💕