Indiana Governor's Race

Bon japhet il a trouvé un studio à saint ouen j'savais mm pas yen avais un
I liked a @YouTube video from @almighty_pipo Kris Kasanova Mitch Knows
RT @ptxcaz: mitch & the first flower to bloom in space 🌼💫
@Rxmaye_ @CamerxnIV don't roast me Mitch 😿
Tom Perez: Treat Trump Like Mitch McConnell Treated Obama
Vertel dat aan Mitch Henriquez, Mitchel Winters, Umaru Sesay en anderen die nooit het bureau hebben gehaald
3Qtr Time 36ers 81 - Bullets 52 Jerome Randle 22pts 2Ast 3Stl Mitch Creek 15pts 5Reb 1Ast Daniel Johnson 13pts 9Reb 4Ast Major Deng 8Pts
RT @Khanoisseur: Nice payout for Mitch McConnell who blocked Obama from releasing bipartisan report on pre-election Russian meddling
Why were you always looking at me when I was looking at you?! I saw you talking to Mitch about me, you're not very subtle
Demain on joue contre le Congo sa vas être serrer j'crois mais on dois les sava
@leeleemunster @YouTube Only 10? Run out of space did you?
It's no fun when you experience a frustrating day at work. Unf... More for Pisces
Quand sa vas barder au nom celui qui viens me sucer la bite jsui enfoncerais jusqu'à ce qu'il s'étouffe
RT @matthaig1: WRTING TIPS 1 Use a really big pen 2 Scowl 3 Don't open note pad 4 Wish you were loved as a child 5 Stare into the…