Indiana Governor's Race

@VTrduong im pretty sure they need democrats support to get obamacare repeal. Ryan and Mitch are scum
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RT @DTHalliday: Mahershala Ali's win will inspire so many in a way that no other supporting actor win ever has. #bgnoscarwatchparty
RT @PCarrESPN: Fantastic Beasts' win for Costume Design is the first Oscar won by the Harry Potter franchise.
RT @TheRyanMacLean: Hey, I guess if I don't watch the Oscars, nothing can convince me that Amy Adams didn't win every award
RT @SonyPIX: Heartfelt congrats to Mahershala Ali on his win in 'Best Supporting Actor' category. Your performance had Notty in tears! #AwardsWithPIXY
White boys big dick movietures gay Muscle Top Mitch Vaughn Slams Parker
Αδυνατώ να πιστέψω πως αυτός ο "ντουλάπας" είναι ο νέος "Mitch Buchannon". #Oscars
Mitch McConnell Is a Total Fraud, Obama Finally Calls Him Out On It -
Lance Franklin will play in Sydney’s JLT match against Greater Western Sydney: SWANS…
RT @LowlifeMitchy: Have you heard ‘ASH-XXX’ by K. Mitch on #SoundCloud? #np
RT @JohnFugelsang: In fairness Mitch McConnell has looked like that ever since he witnessed the opening of the Ark of the Covenant.