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RT @waterpenny10: Enjoying a trip north along the Indian Ocean before heading to Fremantle tomorrow for #ESA16
RT @HassanPRG: 1. First, let's consider the geographic importance of the Horn of Africa. It's close proximity to the Red Sea and t…
RT @dscovr_epic: 05:27 on Tuesday November 29th, over the Indian Ocean
@CeecesTravel Hi, i would love to discuss an opportunity to cover a Destination in Indian ocean - how can i join you? thanks a lot
#Mauritius is a fascinating, world-in-one-island slice of paradise. Its very name of conjures up images of tropical
30 Nov 1942. British troop transport Llandaff Castle sunk by U-177 (Gysae) in the Indian Ocean. #wwii
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RT @dscovr_epic: 05:27 on Tuesday November 29th, over the Indian Ocean
05:27 on Tuesday November 29th, over the Indian Ocean
Lets get this Olive Ridley Turtle back to the Pacific or Indian Ocean!
@tweetali_786 @TheHindu N for ur kind info u r also a Hindu which mens a person styn btwn land of Himalya n Indian ocean... Its a geog idnty
RT @mainsprite: Fun times at the #ESA16 conference dinner and a stunning sunset over the Indian Ocean! @StephPulsford
Thats the trip about Amaz0n, a nigga cud escape from LA, Paris, & sail the Indian ocean & be back @ amaz0n & the same ppl still there
RT @michaelcroft61: This is what you see just walking through the Indian ocean #Seychelles
My guess on global a white & black america *** a 2nd Indian ocean..
Lying on a 4 poster bed on the beach watching the Indian Ocean sunset and patiently waiting for #AMRConf16 tweets!…
RT @JacarandaKE: We are hosting these precious little children from Mama Helena Children's home down at out Jacaranda Indian Ocean B…
@firstpost If divisive forces try to divide society by politicising even this aspect, then the only place for such people is Indian ocean.
In order to quell the OCD voices, I demand that the Indian Ocean be renamed the Indic Ocean.
@realDonaldTrump At least liberal leftards can safely take boat trips in-Indian Ocean not getting robbed BySomali pirates-they all migrated
RT @LekenLe: Zanzibar Holidays 6 Days, Zanzibar Island is located on the Indian Ocean, 25 miles from th…
RT @CelsteelDiamond: This stunning Azurite is like staring into the Indian Ocean... #gems #gemstones
RT photo_of_theday: RT DusitThaniMV: Explore the warm waters of the Indian Ocean #dusitthanimv #maldives photo… …