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A sad reminder of the Independence Day happenings in 2015: Neo-Fascists Take Finland
MMM Pre-Independence day.
One of my favorite from Independence Day. Sums up a mavericks approach.
After BREXIT they can take their undemocratic judges and legal and disappear. From independence day we rule ourselves. Thank God
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@IamMayaSharma @iamjaved80 janmasthmi independence day rakshabandhan holidays lol(2/2)
Coz Baby You're A Firework... Beautiful fireworks are part of what makes Independence Day a favorite holiday
MMM: Nigerians Waiting For January 14 Like It’s Our Independence Day [video] Happy Independence Day - Maldives
Independence Day (Limited Edition) Will Smith, Bill Pullman (NO CASE INCLUDED) #WillSmith
The Statue of Liberty was built to welcome immigrants – that welcome must not end | Dave Eg.. #books #publishing
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friend and i watched independence day 2..... what were they thinking?? good cast, EXTREMELY questionable CGI and script
Online Tickets iRep473 Independence Beach...
RT @Tmoney68: Kid: Dad, what does ironic mean? Dad: Well son, when 2 people decide to get married on Independence Day.....