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@madisonbeer i can't understand why you're inactive here, i fucking miss you seriously
gonna be inactive for the rest of the night watching the walking dead with family
im probably gonna be super inactive this week cause i've got 2 gcse's that i need to do a load of revision for
When I'm around NOI feel like I was born inactive. as a child( domestic disagreements) to inactive adult (by choice) time for excuses end
RT @Lewd_Strawhat: I'm sorry guys for being inactive for so long... Please spank me as my punishment...
RT @gracesharry: @BRITs @onedirection because they've been inactive for over a year and still manage to get nominated and most likely win it
RT @princeincastle: instagram is so inactive and disassociating smh, twitter is funny and interactive
Im sorry for being extremely inactive today
I really hope that they still care/know about me and aren't upset that I've been so inactive.
Awie thank you! Sorry I've been inactive 😅❤❤
@WeeklyChris Chris: *Tweets* Colliners: OMG, CHRIS!! Chris: *Becomes inactive after a few minutes of being activ…
instagram is so inactive and disassociating smh, twitter is funny and interactive
I'm going to answer the questions from my last post. Sorry for being so inactive. I'll try to post more😊😊
@empireloren its because you were inactive. sorry. we were kicking inactives.
RT @EdmontonTalks: There are Now Over 80,000 Inactive Oil Wells ... #YEG #Alberta #AlbertaOil #OilWells #GasWells #FortMac #Athabasca
Starting tomorrow night/Tuesday morning I'll be on vacation so ill be inactive because it's my boyfriends graduation and I wanna focus on +
This is just awful on so many levels. Summary: sexism and org chaos with inactive HR making illegal retaliation aga…
RT @glowpoppinaf: I think I'm gonna go inactive for a few days, I'll send out the giveaway prizes and stuff Friday!
i'm sorry i've been so inactive guys, school has definitely caught up with me recently but i'll try to be on more! <3
RT @mlp_FireCan: // I'm just going to get to the point... Sorry if I've been inactive more than normal. My dad has been in and out of the hospital for a
I'm very sorry I've been inactive on this account. I've been struggling a lot. I'm not in a good place but I'm trying to figure things out
or jus be inactive for a week or two dont unfollow eeep
I've been so inactive😂😂
we kick bc you're inactive, and we never made fun of anybody sorry
RT @skawnbiblee: good morning! i have school today so i'll probably be inactive im sorry :(