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@India_Policy still inactive. Ppl pls protest. Run trends. This needs to be corrected.
@YTMacked Maybe but maybe if the account has been inactive on GTAV for 3 months like mine then maybe rockstar targets active accounts?
im so inactive sorry
<unfollowed you, please don't take it personally. It could either be for the reason that I thought your account was inactive or even simply>
RT @capsize: I always find myself comforting people with the words I want to hear.
Sooo i have been inactive lately sorry! i have alot of homework and shit ;-; thanks for the support anyways <3
@arjunk26 how do u keep ur self from not tweeting or be here😉too much determination haan...😄 kind of miss u whenever u r inactive 😔
RT @capsize: I want to go home, but the hard part is, I haven’t figured out where home is...
why is taehyung so inactive did he lose his phone
My 'IA' has two meanings, one's for inactive, next is for Inuna Articles 😭💔
RT @bffsmichael: Michael: *is inactive for the longest time tHEN TWEETS SO MUCH IN ONE DAY WHILE LEAVING ME SHOOK*
hey y'all. if you havent noticed i've been really inactive, and im just gonna need to take a week break from this account.
@lrhcthbae wala inatake ng boring na buhay 😂😪 yung mga friends ko dito inactive ngayon so boring talaga 💔
Inactive today Sorry Will come back after LFC vs TOT
RT @anxietysmind: *secretly having a mental breakdown because nothing is going right and all motivation is lost*
thomas + gally | leave me behind fav tmr ships .10 _ive been so inactive I'm sorry (Vine by ohmyklunk)
I'll be so inactive :(
I apologise for being so inactive. University life is killing me
RT @ItsPartyyOmo: If you got me, I got you.
RT @Judgment: my talent = ruining everything
Gah I'll be on a school trip for 3 days and I'll be inactive back in 3 days ☠️
RT @Judgment: no need to block you, I want you to keep checking on me and watch this glo.