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Srry for being inactive. Im really busy in school.
@XboxQwik Mike, will old, inactive gamertags ever be released? Dude who took "snang" hasn't played since Halo 2 on PC. Almost 10 years.
Hnng inactive but welcome to all new members to Ted 💕
pinakainactive sa lahat ng inactive awards -jenny meh
RT @slayingloisa: Inactive na ko sa pages jusko sorry poooo 😆🙈✌
RT @HomeTownEngland: just so everybody is aware: this account will go inactive apart from the promotion tweets about the solo ventures of HomeTown
I just found inactive users I follow on twitter using #androidapp
@Rush0406 When Rush is inactive, but you know cause he's trying to get into that team.
@Support is there a way to get this inactive @Astonishz
New York police department is issuing a warrant for his arrest. He's INACTIVE tonight for game. He's getting cut fr…
RT @big_business_: First teanna trump scene bout to have me in the inactive list for 2 weeks.
@twitter @Support is the @Samson username active? only tweet was 9yrs ago, if inactive can I have it? As an independent artist Id b grateful
i've been inactive and not in mag for awhile forgot to change @ but what's up gamers ?
unfollow who not followback? unfollow inactive following? unfollow all following? only 5k # lelang acc
Inactive. Feel free to unfollow.
im so fuckin inactive
Whelp, since almost everyone is inactive, I'm gonna do my own stuff
RT @RiceGum: I unfollowed some inactive people... WHERE ALL THE ACTIVE PEOPLE AT THAT DESERVES A FOLLOW?
I've been so inactive I know but I will try my best to be active rn but a lot of things are just going on in my life rn love u all though
RT @AmuseChimp: inactive brains look at rules as reality
RT @mamamooasvines: hey yall mod tin here sorry for being kind of inactive but look at these faceswapped pics
RT @big_business_: First teanna trump scene bout to have me in the inactive list for 2 weeks.
@CIVARAGI reasonable chance it's the same guy as the (inactive) twitter account under that name
i've been so inactive with you lately and i miss you so much @KianaLede