In the presence of professionals

Padre Figlio310 east 44 streetNY, NYThere is something about Padre Figlio, which just tells you they know what they are doing. It starts with the hostess, who greets you by name even though you have never been there before and have not announced yourself. The Maitre D proceeds to announce the voluminous specials of the day, including the ingredients and the method of preparationjust so.We were not interested in just beef, I wanted to see what the chef can do and even this jaded New Yorker was impressed. Some of us started with a wonderful tricolor salad topped with slivers of Romano cheese.I had a pickled eggplant and mushroom mlange wrapped in radicchio with gobs of freshly made buffalo milk mozzarella, still warm and silky smooth. AhyesPasta is the reason for Italys existence and my judgment is strict and unforgiving. I am not sure what they called my dish. It was a variation of Spaghetti Matricana. Home made spaghetti perfectly al dente, with pancetta (unsmoked bacon), onion, and garlic with slices of filet mignon in an excellent tomato sauce topped with ricotta. The serving was so large, I cancelled my next course. Also at the table was home made lobster ravioli with large chucks of lobster and a perfectly grilled mediterrain sea bass.Its a rough life, but someone has to do it and I am volunteering for your share at Padre Figlio.Dinner for four was $ 250 with a tip. But I noticed that they have a limited menu prix fixe dinner at $ 35. I am definitely going back to try itfor more see

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