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RT @mcmoynihan: In case there was any confusion as to just why these two like each other so much
@iseeyouugly that's definitely one reason why my phone has a lock, that and in case I lose it no one will have access to what's on my phone
@_bluelightblue_ belly no matter what I wear, and I often buy clothes far too big in an attempt to cover my stomach area just in case
@RobertIDK afternoon! I didn't sleep because I was busy making you this in case ya ever wanted to change your heade…
RT @ChikaaBonitaa: Just in case you're in need of a reminder.
RT @in_the_MEERAH: In case y'all forgot 🤦🏽‍♀️
@feliciaday In case you need a name for your babygirl, feel free to take my names for example, my parents had problems to decide👶🏼😆😊
RT @MaryNumair: In case anyone still needed a reason to never walk into a @Spencers again, this is proudly being displayed in the f…
@n_berglund27 -"is it too early for a glass of wine." just in case anyone is wondering how our first week of class is going. 🙃
RT @jookkukkakka: in case you dont know, or havent stan him yet, let him introduce himself #RhythmByJooheon
Uhh in case u forgot, the wives are human who have hobbies too. But they know the well-being of their family is the priority.
@ColonelGerard The second one to stab and pierce. In case decent to heavy armour can be taken care by 1st Nepalese sword.
RT @nofilmschool: In case you hadn't heard, the world's first automated drone is dead
In case you missed it: New Story: History in the Making: Lady Patriot Basketball
RT @FredBC77: Just in case you have a bad day...
@MysteryGlows "Well... Okay. I'll leave that one there in case you change your mind." He was starting to suspect that he was annoying her.
RT @WeekndDruggs: don't forget to remind people who the fuck u are in case they start getting 2 comfortable
RT @LesleyRiddoch: In case u missed @ScotlandTonight discussion on right-wing, US-led hard-Brexit Scots didn't vote 4 @TommyReckless
RT @hot_shorts: had a really nice time on @marcrileydj last night!! in case u missed it: (<-- we're on at 23 and 46 mins in)
Just in case twitter did not post this:
RT @thomasuster: In case you missed it. A #haxe experiment with integration testing. Check it out!