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@breanne0512 @KKandbabyJ same here😭 I use the iMovie app to edit my videos but I haven't figured out how to make an intro with it
I used to have the iMovie app but I deleted it for storage and now it's not letting me download I'm pissed
RT @renown_nufs: iPodの動画が復活した ライブ欲。 editing app: iMovie
@maismmm1 iMovie for iPhons. 👌🏻 Pr is another good app but I'm not sure if it's available in other stores.
เเนะนำวิธีการตัดต่อด้วย imovie app #iPhone #imovie
@JenniferFox13 The iMovie app on iPad actually has a trailer template that the Ss think is pretty cool. #2ndaryELA
The iphone 4 has imovie app but judicious vendibles: TKwJZf
@Azeezx_NFC وعليكم السلام تفضل هذا التطبيق لعمل مقطع فيديو من صورك مع إمكانية إضافة مقطع صوتي للايفون
And then some days I get to play with my #Imovie app for work. Having #360video is fun. 😃
@phampants or similar app if needed. You dancing in the Reptar costume was something I did in iMovie.
@phampants So I've done all boomerangs with the app. I've created GIFs by cutting & duplicating w/ iMovie...
iPad用 アプリ 写真/ビデオ部門 第11位 iMovie 洗練されたデザインと直観的なマルチタッチジェスチャで... #写真/ビデオ #アプリ
And then some days I get to play with my #imovie app for work. Having #360video is fun. 😃
@420MINJOO / yeah iMovie works on iPhone!! I believe you have to buy the app if u have something older than an iPhone 6 though
@MillenniaJohn Thanks for reaching out. What happens if you search for and try to download iMovie from the App Store?
@AppleSupport Hi, my mid 2014 mac does not have iMovie and it is paid in the app store. I thought it was free. Help would be nice.
On keeping one's secrets: "I made the whole thing in iMovie. On my tablet. With an app."
Any other app like imovie?
RT @Ml_McN: @sgpdst @Dinnymac We generally use the 'DoInk Green screen' app and edit within the app (It's great), then export 2 imovie
@SterlingMolly you can add audio easily with the free app iMovie on the App Store :)