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@yaronbrook Perhaps there are multiple factions - one pro-law-and-order, whatever the law; and one anti-immigration, whoever the immigrant?
@AndreSaysHello Not sure why you think folks sick of the left ignoring immigration law, & being against SSM are joined at the hip.
@JenKirkman @liamstack just at the Museum w/ my dad last week & it was an amazing place that has inspired me to practice immigration law
RT @ByronYork: On immigration, Obama relied on non-enforcement of law. But the new administration can just start enforcing again.
RT @MarkSKrikorian: Building a wall won't keep out visa overstays; that's the job of the State Dept.
@SpeakerRyan It is important for PE DT to uphold law for illegal immigration: this means deporting ALL who broke the law to come here!!
RT @Ldyforce6: Interesting that the "Law is the Law" pertaining to immigration but not to Melania & suddenly the law doesn't perta…
Trapence:The criminalised environment for #MSM in Africa incl. sodomy laws,the marriage acts,immigration law and freedom of association laws
@mymediumrare In my initial question, I made it clear I knew naturalization law was constitutional. But immigration law wasn't enumerated.
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RT @tasoboleva74843: Arizona Immigration Law (SB 1070) - The New York Times
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the American Immigration Law Office! #usa #uk #London