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@EuphoricMegs @amchakrabarti Thank you dear 😇 I'm really lucky to have someone like him 😍
RT @CraveMyThoughts: I’m kinda glad I’m so difficult to deal with & understand bc then I know when someone stays around, they truly want to..
RT @memep: Y'all playing if you try to talk to me when I'm sleeping
RT @rocknthepurple: Hi, I'm Purp, and I do stupid things.
„them butterflies they come alive when i'm next to you“
RT @subackles: I'm back here bc Brazilian fans are trending "more love for misha" Hop in if you feel as shitty as I do rn.
I'm still shook oh my gawd. I love youuu @AndreaRussett
my first bite into a pear and all i can say is I'm not surprised
One of those days when I'm grateful that I don't have to rush to work at this hour. #tarikselimut
I'm now convinced Stephen Gostkowski has a gambling problem
RT @aikens_emily: Strike did me so dirty, I'm not ready for school tm😫
RT @wordstionary: Just because I'm not talking, doesn't mean I'm in a bad mood. Sometimes I just like to be quiet.
@SenatorSessions I'm sure you know about this! There is NO ONE that could, WILL hold her to account! If it were you…
RT @vballproblems: when I'm so sore I have no control over my body
I'm not even there 💔💔💔💔💔
RT @lisaabeanna: The video is just A M A Z I N G u guys did a wonderful job with it and the music I LOVE IT #PortugalNeedsFIYM #FIYM
@SteveColan @LBInani I'm not sure if that's true but they're more liberals. A lot of people are Independents.
Thought about trying @BiteMeals until I found out shipping was $30.. guess I'm sticking to meal prepping myself