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I'm running on coffee and the bitten off skin off my bottom lip. Nutrition is key lmao
I wouldn’t touch anything Blair is involved in with a ten foot barge pole, let alone Amber Rudd. The #PeoplesVote
Sometimes I’m disgusted by how good a lot of us Americans have it while other people are just fighting for the right to live
RT @heIIotomykitty: I really hate not getting my way Lol & I'm not even a brat it just sucks when ppl don't go hard 4 u like u would for them.
RT @MrsDrLupo: What are some of your fave podcasts?! Currently I listen to a few minimalism and parenting ones, and Rachel Hollis.…
@Oskidhe Yeah. And that means I’m in love with Woodward how exactly? 😂
RT @PresJGZuma: I wish you could see the gratitude I’m feeling because of the many who stood & still stand by me. I have always ove…
so,,, my aunt might not answer the questions and then i’m gonna get a zero on the 200 point assignment okay nice nice cool cool cool
RT @NiallOfficial: sorry I’ve been a bit useless on Twitter and stuff . I’m very much in writing mode and that’s all that occupies my mind at the moment . I
@StarCareSupport @aplusk @RobinhoodApp I never asked to hear what it was. I’m just giving you ideas to get your biz…
@CroatJohnny I just did, and to be honest I'm somehow super happy to see that has issues wi…
i’m trying to be this successful one day @KylieJenner
RT @sfeanrdin_: I’m sorry if I’m too clingy.
RT @blurryoon: what hurts the most is that we were literally so close to losing them but didn't notice a tiny bit I'm so fvcking s…
@MoneyMeade_ Yea I got bout 4 journals filled up already I’m prolly gone stick with that and maybe some meditation
RT @JacobWhitesides: also i have these cute black and white christmas hoodies on sale at my dc show which i’m v excited for you all to see
@barmanamar1976 I have when I came out the bar the other night, I'm sure the bloody world was spinning. 😂😂😂
RT @SenJeffMerkley: Six months after exposing the child imprisonment and family separation crisis on the Texas border, I'm going back t…
@liketheweather7 Well I’ve never seen you in a dress so I can’t say. But I’m gonna default to thinking you probably look gorgeous in one
RT @ArianaAndSHawn: I’m excited to announce something in 10 minuets!! STAY ACTIVE BBYS😭
RT @myalogue: “we even thought about disbanding but we all gathered our hearts together again, iʼm glad that it lead to a good re…
Omg I haven’t driven in hella months and I’m not an aggressive as I used to be. Take me walking and I’ll be an aggressive walker 😂