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Ughhh kaasar joke lang yung kagabi Iloveyou
RT @archienagar2: @itsmearianna13 Galing galing bebe iloveyou
@htabts You are really my baby 💜😩 iloveyou
RT @imbarronestole: goodmorning my everything iloveyou!💖 @itsyagurlJA
자고 일어났으면 나한테 키스부터 해주지 않을래? 부끄러우니까 볼에 해줘.
@imbarronestole goodmorning hehe iloveyou 😜❤️
goodmorning my everything iloveyou!💖 @itsyagurlJA
RT @reshpalmares: @prnxsscrb yeeeeyyyyy happiest birthday to my lauv of my layp 🎉🎊 iloveyou and imissyou so much lalo na butt mo hihi…
RT @dnicecuervo: An appreciation post for my goaty @megncb HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEAGGG 😘✨💛 ILOVEYOU IYA DIAY NING NGA DRAWING NIYA OA…
RT @httpcloudaeys: Y do i deserve dis kind of man? :( iloveyou!😭💕
@aqctasya @mkesparragoooo Iloveyou both❤️❤️❤️❤️
Happy 2nd Monthsarry💕 love ,Iloveyou💛 @Princes38551648
@NadineElRassi YOU are the only one! Carrying you in my heart makes me feel safe as though I'll always have someone…
HAHAHA TAKTE KA @mccosuco kakatamad mag type haha pasalamat ka mahal kita HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYO!! nasabi kona sa cha…
happy birthday ma sistaaa iloveyou so much my partner in all crimes😩🎈💕💕 @fatmahthree
早上好🐣🥚🍚 おはようございます! 昨日ツイートした ILoveYouの訳し方 あれは本のタイトルです📕 直訳ではなく あなたならILoveYouをなんと訳しますか? 月が綺麗ですね?死んでもいいわ? あなたなりのILoveYou…
RT @Bandri26_: iloveyou 💙
@dfmuttairi happyyyy birthday beautiful dee,iloveyou💕💕💕