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RT @2fast2shifty: how are u saying 70k a year is “decent” but u study history at DMU make it make sense..
RT @CA02____: On a level don’t ask me to do anything that you wouldn’t do for me.
Tengo que avisarle al IFE que ahora vivo en la chingada?
RT @KruegerXVI: Got a job and my Mum’s acting like I am making a six-figure salary.
RT @tolucauka: @BanorteEscucha el miércoles 13, tu cajero se quedó con mi IFE, ayer fui dos veces a cuestionarle y dice que no y… https://t.co/KU5zeVqnWU
RT @OganiruD: Now it’s getting a stable and well paying job https://t.co/CwiKMTXPSV
RT @Kuks_dj: I would rather fight for rice at a wedding than to tell a guy to stay away from my girl👣
RT @Forbes_Mexico: ¿Te imaginas despedirte de tu IFE y tus tarjetas bancarias para sólo usar tu cuerpo como identificación oficial y m… https://t.co/s4x8DbGDzH
RT @TheTobiSmith: Guys at certain points in your life. It is very okay to give yourself a pat on the back! Appreciate your growth, ap… https://t.co/cxGT7bZu5u
Oke Itase 2018 – Letra del Año 2018 | Ilé Ife Nigeria | Ile Awo https://t.co/kKKH9fSHak https://t.co/6EJZEbbMWa
RT @BMWMotorsport: WHAT A VIEW. 😲 The BMW iFE.18 against the backdrop of the BMW Four-Cylinder building. #BMW #BMWi #BMWiMotorsport… https://t.co/k0mxYVwfs6
The way I sleep these days. Is it the heat or what
RT @_chiderah: Depression and feeling sad are not the same thing. https://t.co/IigBcDTB8I
@AgudaKayode Lmao... Napoli bi eko...i dey remember all those ginger for ife...Baba don calm down.
RT @arin_emery: Why do you disgrace your family name in public? https://t.co/vbJ2OIuVbd
@jasmineandluna ife he isz reetweetifn poodiepye and mistre beest,. he isz propaply a TROLLE
RT @owenbabey: ife you are haveing a bade day, here is a compilashun ofe me sleabing. itse my favorite thinge two do besides bieti… https://t.co/MXj4VEkMsJ
Seychelles, Egypt ties: Deltans'll cheer Eagles to victory – Okowa Newtelegraph - https://t.co/U3YB410rqEhttps://t.co/4GcpVCEpJK
Okwa amaro ife. 😭😭😭😭😭