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@JordanLRay those were the same people crying for us trade Harden. I've learned not to listen to those people because those people r idiots
Ive been on the cover issue of #TimePersonoftheYear ... Am I a #Hitler too? Some people are just.... #idiots
solo queuing is basically carrying 4 fucking idiots that takes a ton of practice and skill and gives you about 2 seconds of an advantage?
RT @jr_bohl: @Sweetie4Prez @danpfeiffer @hughhewitt @ScottPruittOK Maybe...a man did it trying to impress a woman. We're all basically idiots.
RT @chesca_tomiho05: A relationship where you can act like complete idiots together us probably the best thing ever. #LLHauntedHouse
RT @AmyLavigne6: @carrieksada CNN’s Van Jones is one of the most patently racist idiots on TV. I have no interest in what or who he thinks is racist.
RT @Sal_DiCiccio: More Media idiots who can't do Math. Incentive Costs=10ppl/yr for Carrier deal. Shocking how media is so anti-American @KellyannePolls
This is what happens when conspiracy-theory toting idiots like @RealAlexJones @infowars captivate an audience of id…
@RepAdamSchiff you idiots and the Russians
Idiots Girl Fail of Week #1 2016 via @YouTube
RT @Navsteva: Collecting a huge folder of #Aleppo tweets from all the idiots who said Assad would never retake the city etc. It is a lot of fun rereading.
RT @j_carb3508: I don't understand why anyone would want to post pics of a drug(s) on social media. You're basically incriminating yourself! F'n idiots!
@WithCongress at your time economy was paralysed idiots
. @KellieLeitch you're nothing to be afraid of. The idiots who you inspire are terrifying though Kellie. Please read your fb comments.
RT @rakeshfilm: No, #ShilpaShetty, 3 idiots is not about Urjit Patel, Jaitley & 56", but @chetan_bhagat, @SriSri @Swamy39 who predicted strong Rs, weak $$
RT @brawadis: Soooo many idiots in the comment section of my last video.. I HAD to say something today don't miss my video 💀💀💀
@NotMits ... calm down 😊🌺.. by the way .. at which these idiots are making loud noise.
Видео "Пиццагейт, выдумка идиотов. Pizzagate - idiots fraud" ( на @YouTube
RT @Stellasasha1: So rich, O. hired elitist idiots & no1 cared!Trump hires 3 generals, raising concerns about heavy military influence
Mocha Uson and her idiots for followers don't know Hamilton. I'm just sad. :(
RT @johncasiano: Don't let idiots ruin your day, train your mind to see positive in everything. 💯
Are these idiots oblivious to the suffering Obama has caused? They prefer a globalist/ socialist? WTH? Hannity
There should be a temple massaging emoji for when everyone decides to act like idiots & I'm forced to deal with them.