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@cenkuygur @mic so the ones remaining are idiots I'm not surprised
@Hecatewtr fkin idiots i swear😂😂
@DrVelvete @jules_su @realDonaldTrump Agreed. Here's the deal ... most of these idiots on here who support DJT are…
RT @societyofhonor: Those who use 'yellow' to disparage have no idea what equality, inclusion, democracy, or respect mean. In other words, they are idiots. :)
RT @udouseless: Today's LIBERAL LEFT leaning STUDENTS in America ARE THE useful IDIOTS Karl Marx was talking about
RT @zedsdead: Car stopped @ intersection. My über driver is yelling "unbelievable!" But people driving like idiots is actually amongst the most believable
RT @amazingatheist: Only idiots think all Muslims are terrorists. Only even bigger idiots think that there's no link between Islam and terrorism.
RT @jeremynewberger: Donald Trump to appoint Ivanka Trump as special prosecutor on the Russia investigation. TRUMP: That's why I gave her that office you idiots.
@latimes More waste of time and CA taxpayers' money. They worry more about illegals than the legal citizens. #idiots
RT @AgentSaffron: You idiots won't get it. Excessive pandering to one minority section will leave majority votes to go elsewhere.
RT @TheGoodGodAbove: Dear Human Idiots, The world is not flat. It is ROUND. Get it through your thick, round skulls. ❤️ God
@RepTomRice @HouseGOP when your guy implodes he will take you with him. Why can't you idiots do the right thing?! Trumpcare horrible!
AOL these hearings have accomplished. 1 thing..letting liberals see what idiots they voted in!!
RT @iamsonibharat: @indiapremi beef controversy, intolerance,award vapsi,u can fool once not twice,opposition are idiots ppl are smart,up election warning/all.
RT @nforvictory: Did he do this deliberately because he lit did their signature poses? or did those idiots ruin him too 😂😂😂
the earth isn't round, flat, or cubed you fucking idiots
@bsimms3 idiots Braden. Idiots.
@MLBNetwork 🤦🏾‍♂️ idiots
@AdityaRajKaul @AnupamPkher @chitraSD @SenseandC_sense @listenshahid some idiots are still asking proof of surgical strike.
RT @vhdawg: @sixpackspeak @RobbyDonoho I will agree the danger is greater at Little Rock. Those people are idiots. Glad we'll never play there again.
And yet there are enough idiots even within India who would buy this blanket wala bag just because it's a Balencia…
If congress wants to improve its tally of 44 seats in the Lok Sabha 2019,it urgently needs to remove @JhaSanjay & @priyankac19.Prized idiots
RT @tweethearts_s: This world is full of idiots distributed strategically so you can meet at least one per day. #LLForYouIWill
No matter how many huge guys like Tsukishima there are, it'll feel great when they're caught up in your movements like idiots, won't it!
RT @IamVinnieF: Yea we live in a generation full of dumb ass idiots 🤦🏾‍♂️👇🏾