Tweets about a recent trend: Idiots

I'm convinced everyone in Des Moines forgot how to drive tonight. So many fucking idiots
@WhitlockJason Mr Whitlock it's unfortunate that idiots still live in the KKK world and think using "coon" makes th…
@JustManda66 @WestMersea Ignore the silly needy idiots. I'll be flying the flag with you!
I liked a @YouTube video from @GameSprout Pirate Squad! (When Idiots Play Games #30)
RT @QDente: Nous devons apprendre à vivre ensemble comme des frères, sinon nous allons mourrir tous ensemble comme des idiots.
@HuffingtonPost What sane women will celebrate women being objects? Only idiots like those promoting it.
RT @DeplorableJan: @AmyMek @RockMetalKittyX They are doin in US! When the 'feminists' are led by the likes of L Sarsour, we won't hear from them. Idiots!
If I was a cop I would stop all the idiots that drive below the speed limit and give them a ticket for being dumbasses 😤
Sorry, Religious Idiots, But If Jesus Is The Only Path To Salvation, Would He Even Forgive A Sinner Like Me?
@williamlegate how long do we have to wait for these idiots to get locked up. Praying for the frog march.
@stopcallie @CarollBarrel @costareports contribute to the campaign to get him out at @realFireNunes and no, we are not all idiots.
RT @JayKenMinaj: This isn't deep. Y'all are just some fucking idiots that literally get intrigued by anything.
It hurts when I think about the CircusAct running this country!But itkills me when I think of the frigging idiots whoVoted to put them there
@funder Yes for a couple of days. Because these idiots are so bad at espionage and treason, that the entire world knows everything already.
RT @Ulster_Crusader: An Islamic attack in London and these brain dead idiots want to "Open the borders" Libtards are a cancer eating at…
RT @NicolasPAlex: Après 2 années de Champion de France obtenus miraculeusement,nous sommes pris pour des idiots et ça c'est dérangeant @limogescsp #Vacances
@VirginiaDentata I am sick and tired of these idiots.
@pinkvilla Hi idiots. Unless you want more trouble for this film so that it can help u to fill ur pages up, delete that post ASAP.
@Luna_Oracle @FreeAllCaptives @IMPL0RABLE B/c it gives off the attitude of "you're all idiots"
@PressSec @seanspicer So the yarn from jackass Spicer is to say Trump smartly walked away from bad bill. Bunch of d…
Due to some idiots that has been inboxing me and threatening me, I won't be posting any joke here, go to The...
@Exist_2_CorrecT crazy bitches I don't follow them, they don't follow me, I feel like royalty being stalked by idio…
RT @amb1228: I'm tired of Elizabeth & Jason being written like idiots to prop Franco. Give it up already. Franco is so not worth it #GH