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@Viktor_On_Ice T-tu fuiste quien me besaste... ;/////; M-mi culpa no es...
Dirty soda, Spike Lee White girl, Ice T Fully loaded AP
I liked a @YouTube video ICE-T Midnight (Original Gangster 1991) Excellent Quallity
Is that Ice-T? With Ice Cubes...?
I am hungover and wearing a Vanilla Ice t shirt with a Ninja Turtle on it
@HyghOnFOX7 probably not. But I see Ice-T in SVU every week!! Haha
@Crysta_Lee @BobBallouSports I got yo back. Ice-T. New Jack City. You've probably never seen it. Haha.
RT @blicqer: #SHIIIIITTTT: Ice T Endorsing Trump Is Hilarious Satire…. Until You Realise, It’s Real!…
Dirty soda, Spike Lee White Girl, Ice T Fully loaded, AP -Best intro ever @1future
Ice-T? Lemonade! Read the sign LEMONADE! 😂😂
Ice-T reveals his biggest TV fear (Entertainment) #brisbane #qld
Why is this Ice T lemonade commercial so funny to me loll
When drivers don't read their trip notes, I just want to go quasi-Ice T. READ THE NOTES!