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I need me a lul baby who gone listen
RT @PAYOLETTER: today's political palate cleanser: baby bats eating baby fruits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reminder that @maidenofghosts is cotton-candy sweet and baby-bunny adorable. 💖
i'm that lil baby who gon listeennnn
RT @JaDineNATION: Hi baby James!!! Ang cute cute mo kanina. Muntik ko nang makalimutan ilang taon ka na. JamesReidxSG OnASAP…
RT @mynephilim: for a moment I really thought taehyung was crying and I was like "omg baby don't cry" but he was faking it...I hate…
RT @QUENHOPEFOREVER: Me:hala ang ikli na,she looks like a baby girl After asap:HINDI LANG NAGSUKLAY MAS NAGING SEDUCTIVE NA,SHET😍…
RT @ckendall: Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control: 'I sobbed like a baby' not normal or welcoming
I love you so much — I love you more tiny baby
RT @capabili_ty: Fan : Is the sound in Baby Don't Like It a bed? Taeyong : Uh...........(22 secs) Security : Please move on~~ LMAO TAEYONG
You're the cutest baby I ever did see💞 — thank ya angel 😽
baby its kinda too much
RT @FreddyAmazin: DJ Khaled's comments on his baby Asahd's instagram are so pure
Also might have to buy a baby leopard gecko for real now.
Nah even without makeup I'm still trynna hit my baby so gorgeous 💓😛
Happiest of birthdays to the best baby brother anyone could ask for. Have a great day!
RT @exoprivilege: pcys legs are like 2 miles long but he always runs in little baby steps hop hop hop hop hop everywhere he goes
Baby知りたくてもう一度 I break down 君に夢中って言いたくてHold on 太陽が邪魔をしてる 君が見えないai ai 「RAINBOW」 #MILIYAH
RT @CeravolaAlexis: best baby reveal 🌷🌹🌸🌺🎀🛍💞 #isssaaaaGIRL
Me: "baby you won't let me get fat right?" Zach: "yeah baby having a fat girlfriend is embarrassing" Thats love right there