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RT @RAIDERS: "You've gotta love this,'s time to go baby!" #OAKvsKC
RT @_GirlLikeCece: Smart move baby ! But we will still laugh at you
RT @ONUMujeres: 200 millones de mujeres y niñas han sido sometidas a una mutilación genital femenina.…
RT @_leslievazquez: I want someone to look at me and be like "yupp that's my baby" with all the pride in the world
RT @bobbys_ummi: @basill_____ No worries baby wen you call I'll be right there I see how bad you really want it they put labels on t…
My co-worker was on the phone talking about cheating on her husband one minute then the next she called him calling him all types of baby
RT @propriator: <3 Two Toned Multicolor Medicine Bags Leather by HandCraftedMinds via @propriator #a4team <3
Mick Jagger Becomes a Dad Again, Welcomes 8th Child with Girlfriend Melanie Hamrick at 73
RT @AmbitionBanks5: 😂 When you go to Therapy with your Baby Mama.😂🤔 Ft @CANBHARRI & @shulerking
RT @avagomez21: I want someone worth it to call me baby girl*
Don't have time for his cry baby ass
RT @kiasinterlude: baby > babe > mama > babygirl >
RT @trillac_: The same chicks praising J. Cole for keeping his wife and new baby lowkey, will accuse niggas of hiding their GF on the TL.
what's wrong with this baby 😭
@MsJoseline All u want and need is for him to feed dat Baby!
RT @DeposterChild: Congrats to Orlando Brown ... Baby is on thee way
RT @Nece_89: 1 big lesson that I've been learning over the past couple years is: If you want to do something, DO IT! Don't wait on other people!
RT @Powerful: J. Cole married his gf, made a whole baby & album without the media knowing .. Dude is the true definition of "lowkey"
@kvvhit Sleep like a baby thanks
RT @gucci1017: I just want the money baby I just want the money!! Whatever flava u like long as u sending ya money 💰
RT @babepickmeup16: I love you baby girl! Gwapa! MAYMAY EmbracesCAMIGUIN
@SnDTaemin I’m doing UFO, baby~
El nuevo bebé de mi novia / My gf's new baby!! Ella es la mejor! /She's the best!!!! lulukas.cer…