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@mashable adorable little potential death traps
RT @loazone: She had no idea George Michael made the donation until after his death.
RT @sweetpieJH: Hello, baby jaehyunie is here!👶👋 #nct127 #jaehyun
@TheVampsband Can’t wait for the Europe Tour! I miss you like crazy baby
RT @LONGGUOKR: a baby😭❤️
I STG I learned my lesson 😂 niggas be in love w Clout ,Money & Hoes baby that shit only last for so long 🤞🏽✌🏽
RT @brgsjks: Wak doyok kalau apply jadi kingsman mesti jadi driver je. Paling paling pun buat baby shark do do depan eggsy dengan harry.
RT @jojobaoiI: *hijab slips slightly to reveal baby hair* Akh Twitter:
RT @WhyLarryIsReal: oh no baby with the ankles out and the big coat :')
RT @Lupinnari_: น้องเหมือนตุ๊กตาจังเยยง่ะ ตากลมๆ ปากแดงๆ แก้มป่องๆ my baby doll ///////-\\\\\\
I can’t wait until later on today I get to see my baby
Baby when you're gone all it does is rain🎧
Check out Infinity Bracelet. Red String Bracelet. Kabbalah Amulet Talisman Women Men Baby #MONNKA via @eBay
RT @amethystxmw: Vote for Daddy Shark! So that Mommy Shark and future baby sharks will be happy!!! #PushAwardsMayWards
baby you make me want to free tay-k
RT @rosie_mays: I just want my baby 😩😩😩
RT @seoksaint: seokjin's sugar glider is still a baby and he's so fond of it and yoongi even feeds it sometimes please don't touch me i'm soft
RT @MadisonRamaget: that's my baby, that's my baby ♥️ @rihanna @fentybeauty #SephoraLovesFentyBeauty
I don’t see my baby channys tweets in mentions. Why I don’t see any mentions 😕
RT @dancingyixing: 3. During 2014 when EXO won their daesang, Yixing gave a teary baby Nini a very big hug 😭
Late night hangouts with my baby girl 💖 @Anapintor7
Baby Shark Shark Shark Shark Baby Shark.. #StarMagicBallFanFave VIVOREE
@prismltm Yes gfhgd i made that baby grocery line stare tweet and Audrey said Ah yes the mile long baby stare
RT @SeikoTsuchimoto: 完売続出、SEIKO TSUCHIMOTO7daysヘアクリップのシリーズ品、ロリポップキャンディヘアクリップをご紹介します。かわいいロリポップの中には、実は形の違ったヘアクリップが2個隠れています。新宿伊勢丹様でお取り扱い中です…