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I can't hear Johnny Leguizamo's voice without thinking of the Sloth from ice age.
@kume_guide とてもお高い。死ぬ前に一度飲んでみたいものですね。
RT @animatedenden: 【ストリートフェスタ2017情報】アニメイト大阪日本橋では、3月19日開催『ストリートフェスタ2017』のコスプレ祭のコスプレ参加証シリコンリストバンドとカメラ撮影参加証ストラップを好評販売中!各レジにて販売中!…
Leave Manny in the Ice Age
I don't. I will instead opt to enjoy the films of Ice Age, Ice Age:
Wonderful! How about Valentina Zharkova, on the 33 year mini ice age she predicts? It's mutually negating solar mag…
RT @dabl333: @SonuvaMarine @andieiamwhoiam How is that apples to helicopters? See this👇 In the 1970's an iceage was predicted.
Just in time for the next Ice Age: Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection, scientists reveal
RT @Herbm73: That nigga look like Sid from ice age
I liked a @YouTube video ICE AGE BEASTS!!! || Jurassic World - Cenozoic Series - Ep1 HD
Di ko natapos yung Ice Age. Nag Frozen nalang agad ako. Para baklang bakla. HAHAHAHA
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@Labredorresults @cvpayne More Gov brain drain(no need for Patent office, food triangle, new ice age, Dems good for minorities & on & on)
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@Pokediger1 pls don't I've had enough ice age movies! There's already 5 😥
RT @Pokediger1: my boy manny from ice age being resurrected “The woolly mammoth might be coming back”
So potentially, we could get a live action Ice Age movie right?
@Yelix So, Ray Romano's character from Ice Age?
NASA confirmed mini ice age is coming by 2021 😲
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