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Might go to ibiza next week to find a narco mans , i want a teddy bear of roses for valentines day too da fuck
A tropa é pesada, vira a madrugada, passando a visão do bailão na quebrada, ela pira, ela arrasta, joga na cara. Ar… https://t.co/uQKZEXNhou
Buddha Zen Chillout Bar Music Cafe|Ibiza DJ Rockerz|Magic Island Cafe Chillout Model https://t.co/BiVBkVuAfT
RT @CraigDavid: Buzzing to do this again tomorrow in Ibiza 🙌🏽☀🌴💦 Who's coming to turn up with me at this weeks @TS5 @ibizarocks poo… https://t.co/x1YCNVvNps
RT @CraigDavid: From #Ibiza to #Vegas 🌴☀💦 To see @TS5 grow like this is what dreams are made of 🏆✨ #TS5 @taolasvegas @ibizarocks https://t.co/2rFVBrR786
RT @CraigDavid: 👀 TS5 @taolasvegas 🇺🇸Thank you so much for all the love ❤️🙌🏽 Can’t wait to come back 🙊😉 Next stop ✈️ #Ibiza 🇪🇸 for… https://t.co/xqVJL6AESM
RT @CraigDavid: I’m so hyped for my @TS5 @ibizarocks pool party this week 💦🌴😎 Energy is gonna be levels! Who's coming? 🔥🔥🔥 #TS5… https://t.co/qiw2xSRHLV
I'm excited to announce the first of my LIVE retreats for 2019 - a week long Red Tent retreat for women in Ibiza! P… https://t.co/at74GbgW2o
RT @CraigDavid: Touch down #Ibiza from Aiya Napa✈️🚌✨ So ready for my @TS5 @ibizarocks pool party today with @JamesHYPE @Taya… https://t.co/kwdeIxpuYE
RT @Hits93Toronto: Now Playing: I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix) by Mike Posner at https://t.co/8k2zy9bhQ7
#NowPlaying Music from @MikePosner "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" https://t.co/o56MPKfPqZ - USA HIT MUSIC Streaming Worldwide!
Departamento 2 recamaras amueblado real ibiza en Playa del Carmen/Quintana Roo/México en Alquiler https://t.co/qT7u9uNkWq
RT @CraigDavid: WOW! 🙌🏽 What a week 🔥❤ From Ayia Napa 🇨🇾 to Ibiza 🇪🇸 back to the UK 🇬🇧 Getting ready for @thebigfeastival and… https://t.co/lC2lVR3Lru
RT @CraigDavid: Ibiza 🇪🇸😎💦 Who's ready to create memories @ibizarocks today? ✨ RT if you're ready for @TS5 🙌🏽
RT @GuedesRenatas: sla às vezes eu só queria ir pra Ibiza atrás de um DJ maravilhoso q me amasse
Christmas celebration at Ibiza dance and club at thamel|| dj mixing song 🎶 song by dynamic annet ESSIGI - a unique… https://t.co/VfTxXab45q
RT @MasonMaynard: Which Ibiza is Ibiza Weekender set in cos none of this gimpy shit happens 🤨
RT @BonddDanny: Dia 18 tem Baile da Bond edição funk proibidão no Ibiza club em Maceió https://t.co/HwdXgVUzn1
@STOPFLEXIN Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Greenday, Centuries-Fall Out Boy,Stacy’s Mom- Fountains of Wayne,I took a pi… https://t.co/FXyogXCT8I
RT @Soundclashfever: Merky Festival in Ibiza last year was a movie, but this year it’s time for baecation 👀
Iberia y Vueling podrían dejar de operar con Ibiza a partir del 29 de marzo por el ´brexit´ https://t.co/lZSG9A4sQL di @Diario_de_ibiza
RT @JordanWeekender: It’s a Realtiy TV show not a travel documentary on Ibiza is it. Not exactly gonna show thousands of people sniffing… https://t.co/cXWCJKWO2k
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RT @CraigDavid: So excited to announce I’m returning to Ibiza for another 12 week @TS5 residency at @ibizarocks in July!👀🌴☀💦The thi… https://t.co/9s7ciNcMNn