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OK, guys, Bilis's shop is coming up 20 metres on your left.
RT @RadioTimes: A new #Torchwood series is going to explore Ianto's back story. What was life like before Captain Jack? https://t.co/Aor9yK3wrk #DoctorWho
Captain Jack and Ianto are back together in the best Torchwood reunion possible https://t.co/CLoCRpMw9c via @RadioTimes
Some fetishes should be kept to yourself.
I'm about to brew some of Jack's industrial strenght coffee. Would like a cup?
We can help you.
Actually, nine mimutes 50, 49, 48... Always at the ready!
omg Ianto is in this episode! He's just a baby!!
RT @bobhardt: @NY1 is declaring Marisol Alcantara the winner of the Democratic primary in the 31st State Senate district in Upper Manhattan.
RT @VanityFair: After an eruption of violence, Trump asked, "Is there anywhere in America more fun than a Trump rally?" https://t.co/W5K12gM0JG
RT @davidfolkenflik: Olbermann, who lived for 9 years at Trump bldg, takes new seat behind GQ desk to take rhetorical aim at the Donald https://t.co/Nq83q1M5x8
RT @GDL_Fans: Of course they will! He's reading a great story! https://t.co/rqzhhmb3OP
RT @GDL_Fans: New fans who joined us, check out free version of the awesome @LadySoliloque #EnochTheTraveler narrated by Gareth! https://t.co/a3xeNhv95u
RT @Ptyranosaur: @Pancheers well done - 10k now achieved, now all we need is for @twitter to #verify that you are really you, even though we all know you are
RT @_ninjatoes: A thousand times yes... if Ianto is resurrected. ☕👔👍 @Pancheers https://t.co/DaZCTtzahg
RT @GDL_Fans: "10 Main character Deaths that killed great TV shows" check out #5. #IantoJones https://t.co/yuryrNOV37
RT @MissLiraG: Ya ni duermo Al saber que a mi lado no estás Noches de ianto Preguntándole a la vida si volverás.. https://t.co/QQzdPY97jB
RT @RealDonalDrumpf: Special interests can't buy me! "Global financiers, foreign politicians & criminals" already have me by the balls! https://t.co/SYMgegW2Fc
@terrencemcd @Support All the news you never cared to be bothered with. :P
@MetsBooth And everything about this night stays beautiful. :} Night-Night, Gents.