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What on earth does this even mean? Tory councillor attitude towards #Llangennech https://t.co/WXgznmpunE
Typical patronising &intentionally insulting attitude towards Wales from Tory councillor explains their silence ove… https://t.co/JGKialxjaP
It's confusing to think how differently you felt yesterday whe... More for Gemini https://t.co/rmC2qMj51l
RT @Cneifiwr: More news from the reptile house: https://t.co/TnasK52gfF
Weird silence on #Llangennech from Conservative party. Why? https://t.co/E9RC2jJwV4
RT @Ichy_Vagenda: Yeah, Leanne, don't take his words literally! You should know he never means a single thing he says #Llangennech… https://t.co/XXDgfD5qoB
Respect= don't say things showing me in a bad light. #Llangennech logic. https://t.co/fUhS2D3Ipp
Usual, Meat Feast.
No questions asked and that's the way you like it.
RT @Ffa_Coff: @phillips_ianto @TroyT84 @DilysDavies @Llefain @MarkMansfield10 Lee didn't even respond to correspondence from parents who supported it!
RT @TroyT84: @DilysDavies @phillips_ianto @Llefain @MarkMansfield10 @Ffa_Coff it would seem They will try 2 use her as a scapegoat 2try 2save themselves
RT @DilysDavies: Tegwen Devichand Archives - Jac o' the North @TroyT84 @phillips_ianto @MarkMansfield10 @NicDanAwdur @Llefain https://t.co/BJ90iR7BpF
@phillips_ianto @TroyT84 @DilysDavies @Llefain @MarkMansfield10 Lee didn't even respond to correspondence from parents who supported it!
It's just a reaction to the medication.
RT @TroyT84: @phillips_ianto @DilysDavies @Llefain @MarkMansfield10 @Ffa_Coff Carwyn didn't really act at all and Lee blamed a Plaid Cllr and didnt lead
Actually, nine mimutes 50, 49, 48... Always at the ready!
📷 This is one of my favorite Ianto moments in the series, and there isn’t even any dialogue. It’s such... https://t.co/GY57Z833Pv
That 's the thing about gloves, sir.They come in pairs.
RT @DilysDavies: @phillips_ianto @Llefain @MarkMansfield10 @Ffa_Coff @welshlabour @fmwales just 1 person=convenient scapegoat It's the whole Lab vipers nest
My boss says I'm not eating enough vegetables.