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@ce06799 @Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner I was joking about ppl saying not 2get distracted, but the stories R false so slow fade.
@Hippyhappyness7 @Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner why do you think Trump should not show where his money comes from.
@Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner Atrocities? Oh yeah, like Auschwitz in 1945 and other stuff like that. U r an idiot.
@skinny_Diogenes @Hippyhappyness7 @Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner Is it Diogenes? Guess you would know..Diogenes syndrome maybe?
Whoa, that never beeps.
RT @quinncy: This was one of the good guys. Rest In Peace, Officer Hance. https://t.co/ozCKmVpeab
@JoyAnnReid There may actually be more than one reason to see the tax returns and more than one significant thing found in them.
RT @chrislhayes: If WH feels so good about this release of the taxes, they should be excited to release the full returns this year for 2016!
@ava Distracts from nothing. It all counts and we're not missing a trick of Trump.
@TomPerez We can do both. And find out what is behind the Trump campaign/Russia connection as well. #multitasking
@Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner - Get serious, get informed, try to control your hate and ignorance. Aren't you embarrassed? Sad
@Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner what would "all" of these atrocities be actually?
@payao1a1 Your the one whining; we're just listening. @CharlesPPierce @robreiner
@Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner - Poor whiners... they're so out of reality. Haters in denial; poor ppl they'll eat their words
RT @AmericaVoice: @Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner Trump haters are seriously delusional. Benghazi, Syria, ISIS, Dems policies are real Atrocities😈
RT @Hippyhappyness7: @Ianto_back2_TW @CharlesPPierce @robreiner And one by one, you will find all of these stories fall away..... Have fun!!! #MAGA
@Ianto_back2_TW there are no Trump atrocities. You guys got PUNKED big time tonight