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Well. Well, think about it.
i'm sad and i love ianto jones
If football was played with a giant beachball. #beachballsportshttps://t.co/8W2qi2W9CV
RT @pattonoswalt: 62 days 'til this guy has the nuclear codes. Happy holidays, everyone! https://t.co/tEXg4Xc31O
RT @pattonoswalt: You know what? I support #BoycottHamilton. I hope it intensifies -- especially during the first week of March, maybe that Sunday matinee?
RT @DavidKHarbour: I've been booed on a Broadway stage and never demanded an apology. This is the tough alpha male president elect? Sir, grow a pair😏👊🚬
RT @FrankConniff: Hamilton cast did not refuse Pence service. It's not like he's an LGBT person trying to buy a wedding cake in Indiana or anything like that.
RT @FrankConniff: You think Mike Pence at Hamilton was awkward? Wait till Steve Bannon goes to see The Diary of Anne Frank.
RT @FrankConniff: Think Pence at Hamilton was disruptive? When he saw Sunrise at Campobello, Trump began mocking FDR the minute he showed up in a wheelchair.
@pattonoswalt It's crazy how people think they were seeing "No, No, Nanette" and not @HamiltonMusical. >.< #WakeUP!
RT @pattonoswalt: Um, do you...do you KNOW what HAMILTON is about? It's literally about political debate & opinion. https://t.co/iJeXloThnN
RT @zoeinthecities: HOW DOES THIS NOT DISQUALIFY HIM FOR OFFICE????? He cannot use the presidency for his personal gain. It's illegal.… https://t.co/zhSjiEDwNf
RT @RepKClark: #Breaking: Clark introduces bill to ensure President-elect addresses conflicts of interest https://t.co/3lvMRXHtnZ https://t.co/urOMXsosbD
RT @pattonoswalt: HOW how how how does this not disqualify Trump from the Presidency? This is BEYOND dangerous for the country. https://t.co/46R6da9ZRG
RT @pattonoswalt: "The Trump Mandate." More than half the country screamed NO to a Trump presidency. Jesus wept. https://t.co/5qQrnGT1zV
@pattymo @pattonoswalt Trump will get time to make us laugh... and cry. #NextFourYears :0
RT @pattonoswalt: A-ha! HA HA HA HA! Oh that is some SUPERB cringe! https://t.co/5vFujeykgH
RT @pattonoswalt: Jesus fucking Christ. Anyone? Hello? https://t.co/bJo9pgCGyX
RT @lamelaza_7: Be a blessing to someone today 🙌
RT @lamelaza_7: Jamás pierdas la esperanza, vive positivamente…🙌