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@michaeldthomas Sorry to read of this sad news. Condolences and love to her family and yours.
@EvanHandler @AlanDersh If lawyers only choose to defend the "righteous" then certain clients go unrepresented or w… https://t.co/khdW8Gn47F
RT @AlanDersh: You’re not only a bigot. You have no understanding of the constitutional right to counsel. I didn't represent Epste… https://t.co/GiaEbPuu1m
RT @jaketapper: New calls for Labor Secy. to resign over role in plea deal for alleged pedophile https://t.co/3k9rKJb4Nu @Rene_MarshCNN reports @TheLeadCNN
RT @ananavarro: This story is horrifying. Call your Senators & Representatives. Ask them to demand answers from Acosta & an investi… https://t.co/9l7Of900Tv
When did you last ask me anything about my life?
, that waiting in Cared to steredible and gretful. Moody, centuries. It's really, locket, Jack breally jealous of t… https://t.co/dGgAnBqdzC
RT @thekjohnston: I got to work with my beloved ⁦@FrenchStewart⁩ this week on ⁦@MomCBS⁩!!! 💜 https://t.co/hJtlUQdmjc
RT @FrenchStewart: Aw! Such a pleasure to see my old friend! https://t.co/pqGzD0YWht
RT @cwtcheeecooo: @RobinHoodFilm can’t wait to see this, my copy is on its way to me in NZ ❤️@Pancheers he’s such an awesome actor. https://t.co/CyChjT700N
RT @CNN: Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg will team up to host the 2019 Golden Globe Awards https://t.co/FlOZwCNXkC https://t.co/ScJcPyowIq
RT @davidmackau: in fact Kevin Hart goes further than not apologising, he suggests it’s we who owe him an apology... https://t.co/fQCZHckWDD
RT @MarkHarrisNYC: The answer is, yes. We are one-issue people in the face of those who think our humanity and right to equal treatmen… https://t.co/Ap1Gz3GTlj
RT @IndiaTree1: Decorate #Holiday #Cookies without artificial colors this Christmas. India Tree Nature's Colors #Sprinkles and food… https://t.co/ufnnT34RD5
RT @NY1onstage: This weekend on #OnStage we caught up with writer/actor @hbrikin to find out more about her show “What The Constitu… https://t.co/LM2Ew3B77p
RT @phillipstribune: Opens tonight in Chicago: ROMA. Bonus left-field praise: The roomiest widescreen imagery since Tati’s PLAYTIME. https://t.co/53B3jYN8zH
RT @THR: .@glaad has reached out to ABC, the Academy and @KevinHart4real’s management to "discuss his rhetoric and record as… https://t.co/Zu0gGwFSJH
RT @broadwaycom: .@thewardhorton stops by #LiveAtFive to chat all things @TorchSongBway, texting @HarveyFierstein all the questions… https://t.co/HZiXDOAGrp
RT @pattonoswalt: Yay @ElsieKFisher! A fantastic performance in a fantastic film. If you haven't seen @boburnham's EIGHTH GRADE yet,… https://t.co/sR9FTEF5Fp
RT @dodo: His life is so different now! https://t.co/XcE0yYTBR5
What happened?!
RT @dodo: Someone had the best idea to help him. https://t.co/knbR0ZHaon