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Ianto and Gwen appearing on Doctor Who WHAT AN EPISODE https://t.co/EjieUMe9IN
Yes, sorry, we are a consumer society.
Pizzas arrived. I presumed it would be a late one.
For God's sake!
Gently coax buried ideas, information, and inspiration to the ... More for Gemini https://t.co/rmC2qMj51l
Well, red is my color.
What happened?!
Oigan, estoy viendo The Woman Who Fell To Earth. Como un predicador de la religión de Torchwood (quiero que mi hijo… https://t.co/OWmtu3Z4b4
How hard have we had to work to keep you alive?
RT @Complex: Have yourself a year, Issa Rae—she's now set to star in the next Paul Feig movie, 'American Princess'… https://t.co/qmr5eVF9hY
RT @ACLU: The proposal would: ✓ close 80 percent of the White House sidewalk ✓ put new limits on spontaneous demonstrations ✓… https://t.co/rqdwWLk2m5
RT @RonBrownstein: The memo has officially gone far and wide to warn the GOP coalition, seemingly in every sentence, that a “mob” is c… https://t.co/4GaCdRWr0x
RT @SenSanders: Brett Kavanaugh celebrated his confirmation over the weekend at a party at the home of Facebook’s top lobbyist. https://t.co/E1labyWAZK
RT @CapJackImmortal: @oftimeywimeyism *puts hand into pocket so I don't end up punching you. smiles* I lost my whole team except Gwen. O… https://t.co/hmIojamb0w
RT @HobokenCommuter: Passing by Hoboken 14th & Willow. @NJTRANSIT . Our elected officials in this town do not serve our interests. They… https://t.co/A7chVOzqbO
RT @COE_es: #Tenis Siempre EJEMPLAR: @RafaelNadal ofrece su Academia a los afectados por las inundaciones de Mallorca https://t.co/ggIRXrtmoT
RT @CNN: Senators pressure President Trump to investigate the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi… https://t.co/ZR8h9njPwI
RT @CuomoPrimeTime: The X-factor that's making #HurricaneMichael so surprisingly catastrophic? Try global warming. "The water is warme… https://t.co/aHP9tyfu6E
RT @foodandwine: These twice-baked sweet potatoes are basically burritos—but way healthier: https://t.co/BNCOJAms0o https://t.co/KuphebvPJx
RT @njdotcom: A look inside new luxury apartment building in Downtown Jersey City https://t.co/Erw2SvnOiy https://t.co/b9EVvbMntZ
RT @washingtonpost: Saudi crown prince ordered operation to lure and then detain Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi, U.S. intelligence sh… https://t.co/ilvXuRmgKC