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RT @7Tugo: おちんぽ奴隷って言葉は「おちんぽの奴隷」なのか「おちんぽが奴隷」なのかで色々変わってくる、そういうおちんぽの多様性、しいてはおちんぽの可能性みたいな希望の光が一筋光る感じが好きなんだよね。
Isakuphethe kahle iANC kodwa mntase? https://t.co/nZdu1B7DGH
HAWU seniphupha iANC
iANC!! ndifuni nokuyibona!! Banyolukile abantu bayo yho!
That sudden realisation of getting old when 1 of your fave tunes of all time is on a show of music from 20 years ago #RobertMilesChildren
RT @gear_4_music: RT & Fav for a chance to win a Faith Naked Series FKV Venus guitar worth up to £509.00! Closes 12pm 04/11/2016 https://t.co/QCgrWEQdRQ
RT @WA_Accountants: Apparently the crash on the M6 near Charnock Richard Services was caused by a hot air balloon!? #CouldntMakeItUp https://t.co/uR2DJhGRkj
@InleafUK @marketing133 it's quieter when he's asleep
@tumhlaba iyakhathaza impela indlela iANC ethatha ngayo izinqumo #ICC_decision
RT @SkyNews: Fears are growing for a nine-year-old boy who's gone missing after returning to school to pick up his lunchbox https://t.co/ghSYWiDFcr
RT @Rachael_Swindon: Today the disgusting Murdoch tabloid has picked a new fight. Retweet this to say #IStandWithLineker https://t.co/0AUuJ4gljL
RT @Siza91769592: @ntsikimazwai Yazi Ntsiki I always remember mom Leta & hr husband, their song Not Yet Uhuru I cldnt understand then, yasixokisela iANC nx..
RT @lyallr: Paul Pogba's penalty run up last night.. https://t.co/HzMyXidNhI
RT @WhatWeganDid: You guys... just noticed we're 5 followers away from 17,000! 😱☺️🎉😘
RT @pixiestate0mind: Students ask for free and decolonised education and our black gov reacts like this. iANC yenu ke le.
NEW CORN GRAIN REPORTS LOADED: IANC - Greene IANC - Plymouth IANC - Summary IANC - All IANC files (*.zip) IANO -... https://t.co/qAAlgoOeQ7