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It looks like some people are unaware that the White House (and the president) is guarded with actual guns. https://t.co/dmPyXvuiWf
RT @CNN: A resolution denouncing white supremacists didn't even make it out of committee in Tennessee https://t.co/NVO8py3uqp https://t.co/XbUVFWSEjv
RT @FiveThirtyEight: Views about Trump’s relationship (or lack thereof) with Stormy Daniels are split along partisan lines. (The two p… https://t.co/vJOlg1zhYT
RT @9588aida221196: U guys are ditching me for wearing white when we promise for black 😑 so bad both of u. A new chapter started for me… https://t.co/w4BWjzDVfW
RT @ThatsMrNeil: Hey everyone, have you seen Doug Ford's white paper on the economy? Here it is. #DougFord #onpoli #cdnecon https://t.co/d81vBJdy8W
@BirdsEyeView008 @GL650_LynneG @biker_Ian Awesome. Get the red stud if you can though. The white is pretty weak.
RT @bsantosstephens: Instinet publishes new white paper on EMEA trading venue choices. https://t.co/caoUr7dMP9 https://t.co/MqpitiaTs3
RT @_liltigg: Y’all can have Snow White & Cinderella. This is my favorite princess. https://t.co/WF7zhN0WuU
RT @Scriven42: @Ian_Mosby @RussDiabo The various gov'ts of Canada can't wait for Reconciliation, so they can move forward with the… https://t.co/wzudvTNW0E
The Saga of Banak-Zuur by @DuaneVore "Korvoros" "A Hierarchy of Gods" "The White Shamitz" https://t.co/h3ZllXLSI6https://t.co/NLxhQstBzy
@heatherwastie and the picture is black and white in keeping with your book https://t.co/VljTyKS5St
RT @xskinn: @I_stand_for @LiberalAus He’s a twisted nasty prick,he enjoys the mistreatment of all refugees unless they’re white… https://t.co/gUeOwjPnwU
@Simon_Hughes__ Imagine if this was Ian Wright, Paul Ince or Jermaine Jenus. They would be crucified. That white p… https://t.co/5R34bLMDrN
RT @Dazed: Teens from White Plains Senior High School in America are staging a walkout right now to protest against gun violen… https://t.co/vcrQ4K39Pr
@I_stand_for @LiberalAus He’s a twisted nasty prick,he enjoys the mistreatment of all refugees unless they’re white… https://t.co/gUeOwjPnwU
RT @stevenportnoy: In addition to McMaster, sources tell CBS News Chief of Staff John Kelly could depart as soon as today. The latest… https://t.co/N10tiellrs
RT @SarahRubyWrites: This is to reduce the amount of brown people who get humanitarian visas. There's a finite amount. Bringing white pe… https://t.co/HWGekjNh31
@PeterWallaceAU I vaguely recall that @TonyAbbottMHR as PM instigated special allowance for 12000 Syrians. No menti… https://t.co/a2xpzpPXvm
You kinda missed the "white" part in there Ian (no wonder). Why fast-track only the white folks? https://t.co/OIQhNhg4uK
@iainmarlow What is "cross border attacks",Ian giving quotes from Pakistan a state sponsor of terror but refrazing… https://t.co/unzjgLmLGq
#nowplaying Gethsemane - Christ is Risen by Ian White - Christ is Risen
RT @davrosz: BREAKING: Malcolm Turnbull bows to the rightwing of his party and reluctantly reintroduces the White Australia Policy.