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RT @gray: Nice to see that David Duke dressed for the occasion. https://t.co/mk64Ho5XNh
@UnitedStandMUFC hey @NBCSportsSoccer why dont you discuss this pt and Klopp looking a fool
gojekindonesia: prihadik silahkan Anda lakukan pengecekan informasi dari pihak terkait kami pada email Anda ya. Terima kasih ^ian (2)
@scottishlabour All well and good, get rid of any Blairites or neoliberals to stand a chance in Scotland. Democracy not dictatorship.
Ya siguieron el consejo de Ian Wright? https://t.co/YkhfpuzzSC
RT @Thomas_Wendt: Good thing there’s a march today so all these people didn’t have to miss work.
Liverpool eye Asian expansion as Ian Ayre praises FSG for saving club from financial 'freefall'
o ian é o baekhyun...? eu chamo o chanyeol de daniel ne
RT @5secofjames: hot or not? 🔥 60. Ian Somerhalder rt: hot fav: not https://t.co/JwHPJjJiSX
I don't believe it
Ich habe ein Video zu einer @YouTube-Playlist hinzugefügt: https://t.co/o54Pvbtj5E DJ Shog - Another World (Ian Davecore & Gazell
RT @imjustkendraa: Ian finna beg no nigga to do right knowing who tf I am and what I'm capable of😂😂💯🤷🏾‍♀️
good morning I'm at Disney so I'm not gonna really be active this weekend but I'd still die for Mickey and Ian
It was the Interior Department's resident bad boy, Liam Bonneville, it had to be... #ParksAndRec https://t.co/MoxKw2ta4I
For those who don't do this actually do 2 per so I'll do 3 more now
RT @Deoliver47: Janis Ian: Yes, folks. I'll "suck it up" and "let it go". When hell freezes over. https://t.co/ABYZN9EhHS
Tommy Bowe should be ashamed, one on one with Ian Madigan and lost
@HiraiS_SDrev 뭐어, 이 쨩이 세상에서 제일 멋있고 귀엽다고 말 한다면 조금 생각 해볼지도 모르겠지만!
@HiraiS_SDrev 그거야 못~쨩은 못생겼으니까, 지금이라도 못생긴 걸 깨닫고 으아악, 하는 줄로만~ 알았지? (이죽였다.) 못 쨩을 위한 눈알같은 건 안~ 만들어 줄거야.
RT @MMEOfc: Pick one letter from MARYDALE's name and describe her in one word using that letter. :) We will RT your answer! Li… https://t.co/avD1Yg0QnA
@lusk_brooks so is Ian this morning. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!
RT @MikeSceezie: Hillary lost a job that she's overqualified for to a inexperienced jackass because of money and gender. You would b… https://t.co/NKaDuJRZkX