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Ian youre killing it strengthens your foundation go to whites.
@K24Tv let our leaders learn from Philipine president Rodrigo Duterte. fighting corruption & impunity is doable. @Amina_Kenya @Ian_Wafula
"We've all lost something precious because of war. That's the reality we live in now." - Ian Vashti
@Warrior__12 dicen que ella se salió de la serie por Ian
Zarrow talking in her sleep I would record her but she got slob all over her face and Ian gone do her like that 😂
RT @domandrea_: Haha :) Parliamo del sorriso di Mickey quando Ian è salito in macchina. #gallavich #shameless
Lakas ni ian mang away tas biglang magpapa awa. 😳🙄😒
Ian Got Time , That Mane Has Really Started To Erk My Nerves
@blaykee to be manic but would be a way for Brad to forgive him for leaving. The party scenes remind me of when Ian was threatening kenyatta
RT @psycovich: fiona, think abt when u were fucking steve while marrying gus and wanting sean and ask yourself who was taking care of Ian meanwhile
@JulieMeney @Der__ian And I'm a phenomenal story teller. Not to mention I'm the funniest person to ever walk the face of Earth.
@philosophytweet Does nothing on the box mean that it's EMPTY? A collector's item? Where is the greatest accumulation of toothpaste boxes?
RT @EX0RCISME: Mickey deserve a happy end with or without Ian i'm totally fine with this just, he deserve a happy ending @ shameless writters watch out
I'm just Tryna see when love and hip hop coming back on... hope Ian staying up for nothing
RT @SHO_Shameless: West Coast: Should Ian follow his head or his 💙? #Shameless is all-new in 30 mins. #MickeysEscape https://t.co/TL5IJFliNw
@Ian_TripleHFm @danbrettig Funnily enough Ian, yes. Though the question was something more like 'what the fuck is this? Under 12s?'
Hope to see you again <3
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RT @tawnybananas: Me after realizing Regina George thought Janice Ian was a lesbian because she told her she was Lebanese https://t.co/SPkV8AiGq4
RT @lawrncohn: @PrettyLWeekend já podem anunciar oficialmente que é o ian
RT @psycovich: ian: I'm not getting involved in this shit also ian: https://t.co/8OQBIgQkFz
RT @louisofx: je vous jure je tiens à l'amour entre mickey et ian plus que tout au monde.