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RT @brianstelter: Pelosi wanted to go to Afghanistan. Trump has yet to visit Afghanistan. Maybe, instead of neither person going, bot… https://t.co/0bHJ5Br84k
RT @KarrieTheBaker: @ian_mckelvey @universityofga Good questions because that statement was pretty vague.
RT @babynaryean: ใครมีปัญหาหัวเถิกข้างๆ เวลาเก็บผมขึ้นแล้วเห็นชัดมากคือมัดแล้วไม่สวย เราค้นพบแล้วคือไปให้ช่างตัดตามนี้แบบง่าย ๆ เวลา… https://t.co/1MYQBr26kZ
@Ian_Farrar @Industry_Angel hi can you send details to press.uk@change.org thanks
RT @alluringswm: hewwo i need friends so rt if you stan; -jacksepticeye -american horror story -the vampire diaries -ian somerhalde… https://t.co/YZarvcqJu6
Wait THIS is what a date is?? Ian ever had no shit like this wth https://t.co/89KLl4Knk6
@Roggy_Rog Lol you must not watch much NBA, Ian Eagle is one of the best commentators in the league
2 cases dismissed in 3 months & ian even hire a lawyer 😎
RT @bessbell: I know she's accomplished and an evolving progressive lawmaker but there's just something about Kirsten Gillibrand… https://t.co/Eg6RwK6Vor
The red-haired man is Ian, he's an original character by Carla; mine's Omar I have so many feels for them it hurts… https://t.co/MnWq1Jc3oT
RT @EW: 'Lost' star Henry Ian Cusick returns in new 'The Passage' clip https://t.co/Hs5ck9q5ym
ian never been the type to hold a nigga hostage if he wanna do him ima set that nigga freeee PERIODT
@lexidespaux @decareaux_ian Hotdogs ketchup and Mac n cheese
RT @alyssavingan: Such a great story, but considering that ZERO of his influential “friends”/collaborators would comment for it, I’d… https://t.co/nSXz5RuxeU