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@AForce01 And you have no worries of what’s s/he doing or what do they have that I don’t.. living your authentic se… https://t.co/gQxwfO0IXs
RT @AForce01: When you live authentically you have no competition.
Se il #GovernoConte non nasce, #DiMaio già si sta allenando per il suo primo, vero lavoro: il ragazzo delle pizze.… https://t.co/j5NEDDs3Iv
RT @aswadshiraz: You won't believe what this guy did for a woman in dallas US!. https://t.co/fP7jp5vHPd
RT @JENNontheRocks_: I can’t stop laughing 😭😭😭 https://t.co/dXsCDOVynq
@_ImAK04_ Love the colours. Amazing!! I can feel the emotions! 👏🏻
RT @_ImAK04_: Crying eyes 👀💦 Rate this from 1 to 10 😇 Comment your thoughts 🙏 https://t.co/tj8zvwmvqP
RT @iMusicPolls: Who is the "Queen of Rap" ? LIKE — Lil'Kim RETWEET — Nicki Minaj https://t.co/kv0gPplQuU
RT @IDiveInYoGirl: damn i get tired of texting. i need to see a face or sum. feel ya presence. see a flaw or two. observe ur body lang… https://t.co/uQoGGX17lG
RT @nanase_1st: お渡し会in大阪終了💘 お誕生日直後ということで、『おめでとう』の声につつまれたあたたかいムードのイベントとなりました☺︎ サイン入りポスターは紀伊國屋書店グランフロント大阪店に飾られる予定。ぜひ足を運んでみてください!… https://t.co/84K1zhW487
okay so I am a male and have the smallest little crush on @DeltaGoodrem - I admit it. But I waited all week for… https://t.co/VoGfPAFg9I
RT @ogurarunon: もういいもんねーだ(ㆀ˘・з・˘) 「結論 : 部屋着にします」 https://t.co/urxxwFI0gE
@shabilily やっぱり、素晴らしいですね!芸術見たい!本当に素晴らしい!
@TheVoiceAU so not one makeup artist, or anything thought in the last hour and a half that during the ads they woul… https://t.co/8fbdJyVxiN
RT @shabilily: 腋・おっぱい・笑顔 この三拍子揃ったらとてもじゃないけど勝たれへん https://t.co/EX9gtzWKuZ
RT @yuuka_paris: モニターで次のレースのパドックを見ながら🐴 #ゆっかーと競馬デートなう 菅井友香1st写真集「フィアンセ」予約受付中! ●Amazon https://t.co/OvWDVRFAO9 ●楽天… https://t.co/Iy6dKcpxRm
RT @yuuka_paris: お待ちかねの!🍖 #ゆっかーと競馬デートなう #もぐもぐゆっかー #食レポゆっかー 菅井友香1st写真集「フィアンセ」予約受付中! ●Amazon https://t.co/OvWDVRFAO9 ●楽天… https://t.co/5CkaF4Z4Yq
@Iamme_meisI @BoyGeorge @TheVoiceAU Yeah “you’re not really a singer” NOT “you’ve got to sing”
RT @satakshi0113: My new sketch #sj🍁 👇👇.. how's it.. share your thoughts... #parentslove https://t.co/tlJ52Twvvk
wow @DeltaGoodrem looks fantastic in rehersal, why do they dress her the way they do for lives? Hideousm I am a big… https://t.co/FGiAHpXyGB