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i <3 when my professor tells me the day before the final draft of my essay is due that i need to totally restart on my concept!!!!!!¡¡
If the old magcon restart to do some m&g, would you like to go? btw i love you! You're the queen forever!! <3 #askLOX @MahoganyLOX
Internet is deciding to poop itself again so i'm gonna try to restart it late at night. I'm sorry for 2 days no stream <3 :(
Nvm those subtitiles actually saved in a draft, woo. I dont have to restart <3
@discordapp grey screen problem here :( restart pc and ctrl+r doesn't work. I'll wait for a solution. Love you guys♥
@MrSan Haha I'll hold you to that <3 We can restart pirate radio from my hospital bed, right?
@danaofscully my computer is being incredibly lame + is out of memory so im gonna have to restart but i'll be back in like 2 mins <3
RT @Noxychu: Sorry! My PC locked up and I had to restart, back now! <3 https://t.co/pafUQ0ba5J https://t.co/02REMFLseE
Sorry! My PC locked up and I had to restart, back now! <3 https://t.co/pafUQ0ba5J https://t.co/02REMFLseE
Only 6 days before the restart with @RollerDerby17 I'm so ready for this 5th season! 😄💪💦💨💥♥💛… https://t.co/2JvRTZk6Oy
I cry find hit restart, You have, All the pieces of my crazy heart <3 https://t.co/qczT8myvXT
I might have to restart everything all over again... but, at least, this time I have you by my side... <3 <3 <3 @estellehogarth
|| I'm doing a little restart on my account<33
@SolidarityCoUK Umm, well mine does that a lot and I just restart my computer and when it starts up re-connect your phone? ♥️
@Casual_XO i found one before but then i was forced to restart my x because my sd card got messed up, i will still do that though, thx! <3
I'm still crying over the full versions of the songs. ;___; especially Restart Pointer, Funky Universe, and Perfection Gimmick. <3333
O I'm almost done with syndicate so if I finish the game quick enough Ill restart it so I can do a stream play through of it for y'all <3
@asami_yuma hi im one of your fan from the philippines &lt;3 i really2x love your music...cant wait for full version of your MV "restart" :D
I will do a Channel Restart! :) I will upload a Video, and if we get 120 Likes on it, I'm going to do active Minecraft Speedarts :) &lt;3
I have to restart reading ADF asap. I promise @ScarletteDrake
♥- #tuu i #yoo -♥ North, South Korea End Talks Without Any Breakthroughs: North and South Korea end high-leve... https://t.co/ByNCDZwVxO
Uploads restart Monday! Have to wait until my eye clears up so I can see. &lt;3
@tisoki @SpagHeddyBeats I know you xD for the song Restart&lt;3