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@MileyCyrus Please help me find my dog! share the page to chile. I'm desperate.Is called "we go to find to CUCA" https://t.co/fODondJaz1 <3
@MileyCyrus I've had "Brand New Key, pair of roller skates" playing in my head all week at work. Thank You <3
"I'm showin' pictures of my pig to Blake"-@MileyCyrus <3 it
@happyhippiefdn I love what @MileyCyrus is doing <3. She's such a wonderful person, and this is such an amazing cause.
#MileyCyrus ♥ nalle: Look what I found, sestra. Now we eat and drink.: nalle: Look what I found, sestra. Now we eat… https://t.co/rCK99pvWUQ
I wanna fly, I wanna drive, I wanna go. I wanna be part of something I don't know. ♪♫ #MileyCyrus #CantBeTamed
And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do You make me love you..♥ #MileyCyrus #7things https://t.co/yQd7Wi8CX3
What @MileyCyrus look should I wear for Halloween this year? <3
@MileyCyrus @NBCTheVoice i really LOOOVED you on The Voice! Hope you stay there like FOREVER! HAHAHAHAHAHA <3
Omgg :) She is so beautiful <3 I love you Miley! @MileyCyrus https://t.co/yFgUcecZvD
After tonight, I would totally love for @MileyCyrus to be my Coach! <3 from Texas! https://t.co/1B1VT9Sm3Z
.@MileyCyrus #VoiceBattles omg. I love l9ve this song. I grew up listening to it all the time!! <3
One more reason why I'll love you forever, Miley Bae <3 https://t.co/1bntLBTeJk