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i feel the dracula girl in the room <3 @ladygaga https://t.co/nsMLEmVeWx
"I don't wanna break the heart of any other man but you" ♥ #joanne #SinnersPrayer @ladygaga
@ladygaga Tap down those boots while I beat around, funk me downtown 👀😉♥️#JOANNE
#ComeToMama I love this Song OMG!!! <3_<3 @ladygaga
RT @AriGrandeNet: @TheFactsOfShade i will buy it , you worked so hard @ladygaga ! <3
@ladygaga i have some characters too Gaga, to express different parts of me. Keep inspiring people Joanne <3
I believe that one day I'll see you and hear your voice♥ https://t.co/JxnD152mmM
@ladygaga thank your for everything. i love you, mom. <3
@ladygaga You're my angel, I love you so much! <3
I'm not flawless, but I've got a diamond heart <3 #joanne #JoanneVibes @ladygaga #LadyGaga https://t.co/UBSp4l9x45
....HOW DID I MISS THIS VIDEO COMING OUT?! @ladygaga really is a queen. <3 https://t.co/Dxlc7gc4Vs
@ladygaga haters gonna hate, slay queen! I'm so proud of you <3
@ladygaga Hey Girl !!! I will not give up ♥ follow me plz #Joanne ♥_♥ XOXO ♥_♥ ^.^
@ladygaga Look at this!It is the male version of Gaga!! I'm sure you'll like it♥ https://t.co/GvxTA6oMO9
@MichelleTreacy @ladygaga I can't wait to listen your first album Michelle <3
@ladygaga Hey Girl !!! I will not give up ♥ follow me plz #Joanne ♥ XOXO ♥
@ladygaga You created me, the reflection of your art (also David Bowie). Someday I will meet you, Gaga.<3 LADY & THDYVO
@ladygaga Hey Girl !!! I will not give up ♥ follow me plz #Joanne ♥ XOXO
@ladygaga Gaga, I know it's hard to deal with misplaced criticisms. BUT PLEASE don't give up the MUSIC!! WE NEED YOU!! <3
@ladygaga I♥AYO :D #JOANNE ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫
RT @chadlong_: @ladygaga your new song A-Yo has inspired me to start smoking cigarettes, i'm on my fourth pack <3 love you girly
@ladygaga thank you so much for Joanne, you made a perfect album, I'm so pround of you Mama <3