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god I'm sorry I'm super mean to myself I know no one needs that negative energy on their tl, I'm working on it <3
Girl, i am so sorry for your loss<3 May god give him everything he wants! may god give you everything you want. i…… https://t.co/9xyowrsTzH
@Theo_Spaniel @MutDoggi My god, you really did, you glorious nutcase. ♥♥ I'm gonna be walking with a whole new swish in my tail now!
I have completed the age of 21 years and hope that God will grant me lasting happiness and peace of mind only with… https://t.co/WXFcUl2oDd
HAPPPY BIRTHDAY OH MY GOD wowie I love her a lot :) ❤️❤️❤️ @TessaViolet thanks for everything tessa <3 https://t.co/98Nfm7qy3R
Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not that pretty but damn look at you ♡ — OH MY GOD that was so cute but pls no… https://t.co/ZKWFbb7pP8
@IdasWeeFlowers I do love Vanjie but Plastique is my boo 😍 I wanted to like Silky but MY GOD that qween is annoying! <3
thank god for husbands who are neat freaks && while i pulled a 16 hour work day yesterday + my normal 9 today ....… https://t.co/u1EX0fLsMl
Adoption day has finally come!! It's official! We are now #lowrypartyof4 We are now the official mom and dad of two… https://t.co/7CZ33qbH4C
@m1tchi3du5k god DAMN you look so cute and I love you <3
@Raygrillmasta7 @LaoHuangsBitch Good god, the improvement you've made with your art over time is unreal ... i love… https://t.co/jHycdu2l8K
RT @_julisaruiz_: my girls are my backbone, on god i love each & everyone of them <3
@gregor_suttie Yup... on one of the projects where I’m a contractor for a big agency... it feels like traveling bac… https://t.co/GILC0D0XG7
@KaddiCosplay @heroaca_anime OH MY GOD THE WAIFU COSPLAYED BY THE BEST GIRL AROUND ! PLEASE MARRY--- No I have to… https://t.co/0UY8YoSTvI
RT @Naughty_jerk: Today is my birthday and I have gotten one of the best text from @gtbank . Whoever it is that sends the message is… https://t.co/XSXS2wv8YW
God has placed so much opportunity before you. I'm praying His promises are made manifest in your life. <3 Molly
i saw ur tweets and i hope u find happiness with urself ! this pain is only temporary nd u deserve to deal <3 — I d… https://t.co/QK4gr9Pcbp
@yo_ogies ON GOD MEG?? 🥺 thank you miss meg i love u so much can’t wait to be reunited <33
🤠chey!! the HOTTEST. i love u!!!! ur an actual queen <3 still remember when u drunk facetimed me god we love that x… https://t.co/nfw6jNyQja
@BrazNathan Wow braz that was an amazing video i teared up a little bit watching that. Thank you for that beautiful… https://t.co/neOZJGrNSA
RT @NlCKIZKEN: Happy birthdayyy <3 i wish i wanna be with u right now, hope you have a good day and god bless you :* @ArianaGrande
RT @braydenearnold: I thank god every day for the relationship I have w my dad <3
@lmdssmith intimidating?! Oh my god i feel bad😂 but ily ily ily <3
God I totally miss my brother @Dreamzor. Jesus Christ it’s been a while since I’ve been on this Twitter. He’s one o… https://t.co/S24GBderYj
All i need in life: 1. God 2. Family 3. Friends 4. Musics 5. You ♥