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RT @unclasssified: [VIDEO] Chungha, Doyeon, Mina, Sohye, Yoojung & Somi's dance break at I.O.I 'Time Slip' Day 2 Concert 😍 #아이오아이… https://t.co/B53VLJx5M6
RT @twelveoclocke: omg they just asked a 76 y/o lady what she'll be doing at 12pm today & she was like "i'll be at the gym so i can live to vote trump out"
S/o to @VICELAND for airing #blackmarket episode on illegal cigarettes. Shit was an eye opener and I've decided to quit ! Thank you !
RT @BizzlQueen: 31. Uważasz że 4 sezon bedzie o Mangusie i Vildzie
https://t.co/Z8hpV0sLd9.the.trashcan. L E T S T H I N K A B O U T T H I S O N E... https://t.co/V0NbwKdm8u
@Quantum_Sheep I'm fine \o/ New regime of enjoying every minute as much as possible is quite good. I like it! Wheeee!
@Michael_2Clutch @JMUFootball I did not know that. Cool. Coach O'Cain is a super guy and Coach. I've had to the ple… https://t.co/p5TkKzFhkJ
S/o to me for fucking up anything good I have going for me 👍🏻
จะอยู่ จะไปก็เรื่องของฉัน ฉันไม่ได้ไปเหยียบหัวใคร🤷🏻‍♀️
Dead in the middle of the C-O double M-O-N , Little did I know then That the Mandela Boys soon become Mandela Men.
I thought... Keep calm there's still time o https://t.co/PN1psIUXE0
RT @S_Galimberti: Costruisci i tuoi sogni, o qualcun altro ti assumerà per costruire i suoi. (Anonimo) https://t.co/aYbH8o6aZz
@Wendys It's my friends birthday what should I get her? ;O
RT @lixoempessoa: asima di nois soh deus i o elicopitero da polisia https://t.co/8wVn7oPfWH
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/0jPEeeTWDC O dayal tomai ami dakbo kemon kore
Quem faz compras online tem que conhecer o Méliuz! https://t.co/iRrmWtlUHv #EuAmoMeliuz
RT @momentsbrasil: É hoje! Saiba tudo sobre o início do Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends #Moments⚡️ https://t.co/ZQs5CySEwF
Literally no internet. I suppose I will download a pdf in its entirety and read it offline. Hope it works with 3G. O_O
I hope o sharp 😉
I Been On A Money Mission💯 M.O.B💸 Don't Love These Bitches✅😏