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RT @VegasFin3st14: One 2.5U play in play. Butler O/129. 60 RT'S and I will post my late 2.5U play. Posting more. Need someone to regulate 😉
RT @ShfqhAdnan: O Allah, i know that i'm nowhere near perfect. But Alhamdulillah for loving me and letting me see another beautiful day 🌸
RT @BigZaddyNique_: my 7 y/o brother is so cute😭 he didnt ask for one toy. I wanted to cry lol https://t.co/Z9GxAXSWYa
@emelajsan helt riktigt känns det ju inte så just i ditt läge, men jag tror ändå på det o håller mina tummar i vilket fall. 😊
RT @xoYULYox: 161210 MP東京⑧ O.R.I.O.N.にて🎧 「絆が胸(ここ)にあるから」を「絆が東京にあるから」と歌った隆二さん😭👏💓 「今日の東京、マジでヤバイ!!!!!!!」とドスの効いた大きな声で叫んだ広臣さんめちゃくちゃ雄で拍手喝采でした😭👏💓
And now I'm eating a bowl of spaghetti o's amd smoking a bong and I may actually be too high.
I mean, gracias a hablar de Batman (y Gotham) es que salgo o algo con el que me gusta💛😌🙈
io: no ma amico credimi devi avere un Toxapex è un Pokémon F O R T I S S I M O devi averlo sisi sempre io: io non lo voglio però, è brutto
@BorgKult njä, de började ta plats i svensk politik under o pga Mikael Jansson. Här är en valvaka 2002 https://t.co/AQ6Er3hMrA @Qeruiem
I pretty much moved over to Furry Amino o.o
😖😖 ♫ i hate u, i love u (feat. olivia o’brien) by gnash — https://t.co/ivAtxQFH0B
RT @BeatlesByDay: I don't know who put this together but it really brings it home, those we've lost in 2016. https://t.co/RYrmHhc9Bc
RT @TechCrunch: .@Grg & @titoyooo are taking over our Snapchat at Google I/O…and things are getting weird https://t.co/1qhGZupwXr #IO2016
Mama zostawila pranie w pracle i o nim zapomniała to je powiesilam, bo ona już poszła spać
📢📣 to @milesberry25 & Filmore FOR THE INTERVIEW THIS SUNDAY ON THE TUNES I BEEN RELEASED & THE INFAMOUS "T.O.D" SES… https://t.co/OtxFZWdhkv
Queria ser amigo da galera de How I Met Your Mother, inveja branca da amizade deles! Tô o dia todo assistindo
cosa mi rappresentano i flashback delena se poi damon fa comunque o strunz???
RT @momentsbrasil: Louis deixou o fandom ainda mais orgulhoso de sua força #ProudOfLouis #Moments⚡️ https://t.co/sCYHsd9Gt0
Yeah, the Den-O episodes were about what I expected, also a glorified trailer for a film I'm never watching. #OnoreDikeido
ain't even 5 o'clock and i'm fucked up
Ar Tu Di Tu, Si Tri Pi O i @MDCDG televizor-botovi 😁😁😁 Marka televizora😁😁😁
RT @Ambitieuxt: Omg I'm Sooo Proud Of Them CC Boys!!!!!! Ayeee State Champs!!! Well Deserved! Great Job C/O 2017 Y'all Did It!!! Turnuppp!!!! 😎😜🤘🏾👏🏾🎉🎉✊🏾💃🏾💁🏾