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@_SUGALOVER_ I love you and hope I can see you sometime soon💜
The random I LOVE YOU like this! Jusko nakakalusaw @Barber_Edward_ !!! 😭😍💕 @maymayentrata07 pano mo to kinakaya?? 😍… https://t.co/m3IdKUg3WL
RT @noftaeng_: เสียงแทยอนกับเพลง I love you ก็ยังคงเป็น the best ที่สุดในใจเรา ฟังกี่ทีก็เจ็บปวดเหมือนโดนแฟนทิ้งทั้งที่ไม่มีแฟน คื… https://t.co/MsStNo2zt8
RT @claireboudrot_: i say "i love you" a lot to my friends. probably an excessive amount n they prolly get tired of me repeating it. bu… https://t.co/5P7KHrmzT2
RT @heybratty: alternative black people, i love you
RT @hamaocha: With this simple touch, i want to say i love you 💕 #PinSon #PerthSaintsation #perthsaint #perthtanapon #perthppe… https://t.co/a2iq4y3Axe
RT @MoGotHoes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY JESS JESS!! I love you soooooo much! Can’t wait to celebrate with you later today. Everyo… https://t.co/RyvAwqeT8T
RT @JamisolaLou: So nag a I love you si ed kay maymay random.. Waaahh the best nga naman talaga yung random MayWard… https://t.co/GuALDSDMyp
RT @mahkween: From I love you as a friend na ayaw na mag explain to I love you bye with todo explain 😂… https://t.co/ptqVoLFqSb
RT @Amrrhosny1: I love you and it’s all your fault.
@sensegrant i love you so so much
RT @nationweekend: 'สิงโต-คริส' นำทีมซ้อม Y I LOVE YOU FAN PARTY 2019 ติดเกาะฮาY #คมชัดลึก #บันเทิงคมชัดลึก #สิงโตคริส #สิงโตปราชญา… https://t.co/4QHnPGqdfQ
RT @KidCudi: I love you man. Im here
RT @rjmxrell: i love you, still and i really do
RT @thefaizibrahim: Buat manusia yang aku sayang, I love you dan goodnight. ❤️
@btsfancafes Come to Venezuela hahaha, i love you so much! TE AMOOOO!
RT @jasonbskates: ✨💛2️⃣4️⃣💛✨ • Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!! I love you guys so much!! 誕生日のメッセージをありがとう!✌️out 23! BRIN… https://t.co/okbgfvSQgu
RT @purposewoIf: - essa cena acaba comigo de um jeito diferente "remember, i love you" https://t.co/xMVJD5G8r7
RT @chimmyvantae: Who needs kape when you have DonKiss to keep you alive and well? From "willing to wait" to "I love you bye" Enoug… https://t.co/raY5pBxAwA
@lovedseo man what i love you so much you are my princess im so sad ur my happiness
RT @_ddungsiddungsi: 5 things that I wanted to say to Wanna One while hugging them: 1. Thank you. 2. You did well. 3. I love you. 4. I… https://t.co/73z4ViSfux
Im kinda shaking... I love you Lay you are so sweet, you bring so much light to me. Please take care of yourself #HereForYixing