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RT @ackertae: im so tired ugh goodnight guys i love you all so much, please take care of yourselves and don't forget to eat and d… https://t.co/vLHC1osug3
RT @Krazygioo: i love you frank ocean
RT @DaisyMaeReyes3: #GGVAngLucky Mas lalo Kong hinangaan si maymay.. mabait na bata very humble I love you so much may… https://t.co/OeAxCCRc5i
RT @superkdkd: @delavinkisses You just look so stunning my love. You are just glowing not just outside but from within. When your… https://t.co/zUGNK5JnuI
RT @luvdenise_: Dear Kisses, You are still the same humble and honest girl since day 1. Continue being you. <3 Thank you for alway… https://t.co/FSB4Lak8LH
RT @ajkhuuuuu: Hey if you're bored try watching these movies: One day How to be single A walk to remember Meet me in St. Gallen C… https://t.co/mZiKgT4upW
@LATrash cuz I love you and I’m honest, my mate showed me that video a few years ago and I got hard and she was lik… https://t.co/18a2IsBgFs
@perlmutations I love you instantly!! That's exactly what the fuk I'm saying only thing the punk bitch… https://t.co/rVxpSS8SQX
RT @kendellj5: Father God, I love you ❤️
@lionsdenkxip I love you @lionsdenkxip i know you want shikhar in your team but sunrises use RTM so i support you as shikhar fan
RT @ParisPeezy: my baby.. 😓💔 you were my happiness Troy. you know i love you right? ❤️ yk you my everything huh? 🌍 i miss you so mu… https://t.co/7jhx9i8u9u
@delavinkisses I love you baby girl, you are enough for us kissables, after ggv tonight we love you even more, you'… https://t.co/93fnA1KCSt
RT @dhatkidylen: You will always be in our hearts Joaquin, I love you bro 🌼 https://t.co/OALLDP9qnE
RT @onkeyss33: 18028 SHINee World the Best I love you 종현 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ #SHINee https://t.co/3kIn48OXA7
RT @jungwoosarchive: jungwoo softly saying “i love you lucas” https://t.co/Qpu2YhsOX5
RT @Lovesince1997: [HQ] 골든 디스크 레카 #전정국 I want you to know that you are precious 정국아 😭 a kind hearted person. I love you from the bott… https://t.co/iA4IPbeMZF
@ringer I love you guys, your NBA podcasts are something I listen to as soon as they come out...but get your mans J… https://t.co/qzaBCkVMOl
RT @facexfirst: i love you with my whole entire heart u crazy dog https://t.co/ftL3qnmKOO
RT @ArizonaKayte: 🇺🇸Sunday Blessings Patriots🇺🇸 I love you, Lord, my strength.  The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; m… https://t.co/ETp4TRaDst
@Khadija_g1 I love you more fam.
@ValVargass happy birthday to my baby!!! Remember in 5th grade when you didn’t like me because u felt like I was ta… https://t.co/okHk9ouy6p
RT @astherieeeele: i love you ate @marizdorde di ko pa napapanuod pero nabalitaan ko lang, thanks for standing up for the truth 💜