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RT @PARKJIHOON__TH: [NEWS] 190426 “ที่นั่งภายในงาน PARK JIHOON BIRTHDAY PARTY[May I Love you?]หมดลงไปอย่างรวดเร็วภายใน 1 นาที เขาคือ ‘S… https://t.co/UnTE99B1GP
RT @NsoloNajib: #Superstarfriday @933kfm Hosting @IamVinka Mr @Jerrymehn x @BrianMulondo Tell her that i love her sooooooooooooo… https://t.co/usp9Hs97XC
I love this guy too much 😂😂😂 https://t.co/9qsgYvdU3l
RT @frdsh_: My cats : Meow Me : Ha tau pun buat sepah tak reti kemas aku yang kena kemas My cats : Meow Me : Ye nak apa lagi k… https://t.co/Q2aWBxPA2n
RT @feeIsful: facetime me when u miss me cos i love that shit
RT @AuroraJONG3: if you see this tweet you need to retweet it and reply I LOVE EXO with the hashtags or else you're an ANTI!!… https://t.co/j6Fh8HvZrU
RT @woongbinlee: #BBMAsTopSocial BTS We may think, "BTS will receive Top Social Artist Award Anyway!" THAT IS OUR BIGGEST ENEMY! We… https://t.co/RTLocV7100
Males who led me on in friendships for their own selfish gains & were incapable of treating me better than I deserv… https://t.co/1GutWmXYSY
RT @sosadtoday: it’s not that i love to torture myself it’s that i have to torture myself
Seven but one!I vote BTS @BTS_twt for the #BBMAsTopSocial Top Social Artist of the year. I love them
Thanks for always pushing me & telling me I could do it when I was telling u I couldn’t and I wasn’t smart enough.… https://t.co/2O5FfCrAiJ
RT @butler_gaven: lost my world tonight you’ll never be forgotten, I love you little brother https://t.co/UMDl75PDDv
RT @jookiheon: just in case you’re not aware I love yoo kihyun ashdjfkdk https://t.co/Ak1YxELsHL
RT @JK_in_me: 🐰Guys, I won't get a haircut throughout the upcoming tour. 👤We love it~ 🐰I will try to grow my hair, please don't… https://t.co/5q0yHRMS1o
@tanamongeau TANA I AM A MUA IN LA AND I WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU!! My insta is @ _nikkipowell_ to see my work!… https://t.co/DEDHYeLdHv
@Pink you should love me: I was told taking my daughter to see you was NOT appropriate for a 9 year old. She and I had the best time ever 😍😍
RT @TaeyeonChart: (UPDATE) 190426 TAEYEON M/V with the most 'LIKE' on Youtube #1 I ― 1.5M #2 Four Seasons ― 631.804 #3 FINE ― 631.78… https://t.co/G3UjoUshUB
I love these words and I can pronounce them but I won't remember them. https://t.co/wHBBBhyOHZ
I need a long paragraph full of love
RT @athenaa_26: I was showin you love it had you feelin like I need youuuu
RT @immolations: ME: i love cocteau twins. i sing along to all their songs THEM: Oh, really? What do they go like? ME: https://t.co/vRuIcEsmVe
it’s mine and abraham’s anniversary today and I am just so in love with him 🥰 #Year5
RT @dolly_dom: I actually need a bootlicker to come lick clean all my dirty heels,booties,flats,trainers too if ur into that RETWE… https://t.co/r2MHCHDDmp