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RT @JoSylvia_ad: It's end of my birthday! Special then ever Thank you Everybody who celebrate for me I will not forget for your pre… https://t.co/8ge4YBZ72I
RT @ovieali: I promise you, if PMB withdraws right now and ask Osinbajo to run instead. All those e-diots calling PYO a fake pa… https://t.co/pmTbB7G3Ad
My most memorable moment this year was … Meeting my amazing friends who I’ve gotten to hold dear in only the time… https://t.co/3PZ3CZpxZg
RT @kittievante: Hoorah! Love Yourself Answer light up sign! 💖🎉💜 I’m so happy with how this turned out! 😬😬😬 #BTSFanArt @BTS_twt https://t.co/rwoqGt8XIj
I will always love @ChoccyEyes. ❤
RT @kittievante: Hoorah! Love Yourself Answer light up sign! 💖🎉💜 I’m so happy with how this turned out! 😬😬😬 #BTSFanArt @BTS_twt https://t.co/rwoqGt8XIj
@S_williamson18 happy birthday Sam🤩 miss you like crazy and i hope you have the best day ever love you so much❤️🎉🤪 https://t.co/DB0RLEsYB1
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/P5UAQsZDmo de Amor - Ao Vivo - Projeto I Love Pagode
RT @Ppatchyyy: เเม่งเง้ยยย กุเจอเพลงที่เศร้ากว่า I love youของเดย์ซิกเเล้ว don't forget ของไอค่อนคือที่สุดสำหรับกูเเล้ว ยิ่งท่อน d… https://t.co/131wcsJNcC
RT @puregcf: u ppl rly don’t understand how thoughtful taehyung is.. he remembers seemingly small things about people like yoong… https://t.co/PynIXWHdjd
RT @curly__m: I hate you I love you I hate that i love you Don't want to But i can't put nobody else above you I hate you I love… https://t.co/FVJ4aPKYRF
But i love u more and more and more and more
RT @thatboiipinky: Wait till the end 😂 i love Facebook !! https://t.co/GCmeaWSSXO
I love my little brother more than life itself & that’s a fact ❤️
RT @_feenaz: never love someone more than you love yourself. a man can say i love you and leave you a minute later. thats when y… https://t.co/eKvo4MIj12
RT @realPolitiDiva: I love how this snowflake has to take time off BEFORE she even starts to work. If this is the future of the Democr… https://t.co/3g9ZIQXwOq
RT @MrJeromeTrammel: REMINDER: It only takes one second to say: - I love you. - I apologize. - Can we talk? - You were right. - I don’t… https://t.co/Ojef5cVKNX
RT @jyeristia___: I love when people show me off. Feel so appreciated 🤗
RT @DailyRapFacts: 6 years ago today, Chief Keef released his debut album “Finally Rich” with hit singles ‘Love Sosa’ and ‘I Don’t Lik… https://t.co/Aw1c4eOe8C
I love working from da crib
I hate myself for hurting people that I love the most
RT @rjmxrell: even if it hurt i still love you