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RT @xyonzzz: i jus need some dick i jus need some love
RT @kanyewest: @KimKardashian You’re stunning. I will keep trying to make things that can express how beautiful you are insid… https://t.co/Blig6mQBaU
RT @alvinnndc: My kind of playlist: Malibu nights Buwan Sana Pananlandian Tagpuan Sundo Malaya Huling Gabi Bulong Sa Ngalan ng Pa… https://t.co/RlX028ETuS
What goes on in his head?? Look at him being Jungshook in the back!! Kkkkkkkkk i love him 😭 https://t.co/Q9UOemH1nc
#RT @hopeonpics: RT @hopeonpics: I'M COMPLETELY DEEPLY FULLY IN LOVE WITH YOU https://t.co/hmX6b3v45P
RT @love_yc1ear: [택언유연] The moment I fell in love -가을 취재 데이트 간 아직 안 사귀는 택언유연 -촬영장 5-7 상황 차용이 있음 -작중시간대 임의설정 -공모전 고민 많이 했는데 들인 시간 아까워… https://t.co/uPCFyUMJDh
✅5. I am always support the man I love. I will back him up! ✅6. I love to read, so we definitely can discuss about… https://t.co/4Y0lVhqj4R
RT @hongbinlike: 나에게 기대요 내 사랑을 믿어줘요 언제까지나 영원히 함께해요 I love you, I need you. I love you, I need you. 난 항상 그대뿐이죠 내 곁에 있어 줘 내가 위로가 될게요… https://t.co/H55ix1twDi
I like the aggressive call but man I’d love to have that one back and still be playing in overtime with how well we… https://t.co/PVxv64qeJM
RT @trishtrashers: Thank you all for the phenomenal feedback and love pouring in continuously...I am so happy that you guys relate to… https://t.co/5RDKQY3zYO
RT @RAMRANTS: I love how no one’s talking about what the accuser said about @RonanFarrow. While Farrow was perfectly OK marring h… https://t.co/MH9hUuWJbs
I finally finished writing my thesis??? Wtf I think even if I love writing, by the end of this I would defo hate it
RT @nubianxdeusa: I’m going to travel with the love of my life. I’m speaking it into existence. https://t.co/OSuAayRIyS
RT @miliondollameat: Dog: *pulling away from me as i try to touch their paw* Me: why are you so afraid of love
RT @JackEtienne: So I found out @Zeyzal’s nickname in China is the Lion King. Love it!
RT @DaylachkaD: i love when dudes from high school hit me up like "i don't know why we didn't talk when we were younger" umm becaus… https://t.co/QoFBr8MJOe
so ive been playing with a "tuxedo" saber cat design to sell as an adopt......but problem is ive fallen in love wit… https://t.co/QXmwFivwzG
HOTTIE Wait. HE'S SCARED OF WOMEN ??? Okay he doesn't seem like it since he looks like a huge flirt. The color com… https://t.co/wlhzhhXEVU
really I love you whit all my heart and every day, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH❤ https://t.co/r6a3y7GwDJ
RT @ImTheBombDotCom: This the only one imma ever retweet. I love my teeth 😭😭 https://t.co/syHu1zsx0Y
@AshTwoAshes @WilloIllo @queerchangeling @amissChristine Stop trying to make me blush, love. Before I make you stop. 🖤🔪
🦎 - we are new friends but i think youre great! your art is so good and it inspires me a lot. i love talking to u i… https://t.co/SEnaPSJPX5