I know.

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RT @MatPatGT: I know it's "cool" to hate on popular things online, but I gotta be honest... I really enjoy playing FNAF games.
RT @forging: never gave a fuck about rumours because i know me
@SHANBEVx I know mugged me right off!😂 heart broken!😩
RT @BiancaVancini10: Me scrolling through social media when I know I should be studying for finals https://t.co/iGa96yK3GX
RT @LilBoat: I know you want this for life
RT @forging: never gave a fuck about rumours because i know me
I know who I am inside I'm perfectly broken
Based solely on tweet activity, I can say with 99.9% accuracy I know when the staff automated call goes out...… https://t.co/7oM4JH6eiS
RT @diaryofskylar: I know Jesus looking at all ya'll saying that Salvation is for Israelites only like https://t.co/y0k7rp7ON8
I’m ready to engage with my 449 new followers in the past week. I know them via https://t.co/sW12C6yDLT
RT @Tez: i literally never forget everybody thinks i forgot i know who was really there & who faked & acted to cool i remember it all
RT @SmarterH2020: The 1st plenary has begun "What if I know?" #Watify #Citizenengagement #SmartData #digitaltransformation https://t.co/t1LB5KwD1j
@oozicle i know that interview. but we never know what actually happens in the reality lol
people get it all wrong, i'm not popular because i have lots of friends and know people, i know people because i constantly need to make -
RT @thirdyisagirl: Sinong nagsabing trying hard?! I always tell you this but you're one of the funniest / wittiest people I know. 😘… https://t.co/KB1gIe9DQq
RT @MrAlMubarak: Ya Allah, forgive me that I often cling too tightly to the things of this world. But I know in my heart that You are the greatest treasure!
OGKILLD Chimpah1 I'm at work man I know you don't know anything about that but they don't have a random ps4 lying around lmao
@BasedRyuko @AnimuKatze i know it'll be very subtle
RT @MTVteenwolf: tweet #RememberStiles to unlock a special stiles sneak peek from next week's episode. i know you can do it! https://t.co/8IIvn4EpZT
RT @Waves_So_Sick: Not replying to my txt messages, my snaps, hell even my comments on instagram is flat out disrespectful and I know yo mom raised you better😒
@ss224eve hmm i know why 😳😳
@00hayesgrier I know it to early but good morning 😃
Good eve guys i know i'm very late to vote in BTS.But i know got BTS awards in MAMA so congratulations.Your the best.I'll keep supporting .