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@Rawvana Hi HON, do you plan on going back to being a vegan when you get rid of sibo?I REALLY wish you do go vegan… https://t.co/H8lFKXItym
RT @perduta_anima: I never installed Tik Tok. I never played PUBG. I never used SC. I don't put tons of makeup. I don't flirt. I don't… https://t.co/HDrS7KSUmX
@CNN The only reason any of you dumb liberals are even speaking highly of him now is because Trump is speaking agai… https://t.co/zqk7pppTcP
RT @Thundercat: I don’t give a fuck. It’s mac Miller forever.
@ItsAntWright @DrewCHallett I don’t think either of you are wrong fwiw. It’s a truism but different aspects of the… https://t.co/XTKRJWqWUb
RT @AdityaRajKaul: Big statement from Bilawal Bhuttoo Zardari exposing nefereous designs of Pakistan Army and sham action. Bilawal say… https://t.co/Od41ibUyp0
Can tussock stop playing sufjan Stevens I don’t wanna be depressed at 8 in the morning while eating my overpriced sausage roll
@pinchemom I had a really great one while I was pregnant with the twins. It had its own cups for each boob but no u… https://t.co/6602c11hcU
RT @reinej_: i don’t like bitches who talk down on the next bitch 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️ it’s always some hating hoes
@dralcini I don’t think fashion can change his strong/unique mentality. If GQ asked you to be on their cover, would… https://t.co/pHgZWJArGQ
@JoshuaBHoe As for the use of the voice data, obviously it "can" be used outside of the correctional system. The qu… https://t.co/6baEbLLXqw
@Tiziano_Bot There are a lot of things you and Squalo could be doing aside from having sex on rooftops between miss… https://t.co/8uKad4fWs7
@APHealthScience @AP What do scientists know? Evolution, vaccines, global warming, it's all baloney and I don't ne… https://t.co/BooFhS9WKr
RT @tomcoates: And if your faith, whatever it is, doesn’t agree with that, I just don’t care. I don’t believe in your faiths but I… https://t.co/oLluRobUVr
RT @macklemore: @whydontwemusic. I Don’t Belong In This Club. Feat yours truly! Video out NOW: https://t.co/NnjP07hSeu https://t.co/oOYtEoIJG8
If this ain’t adulting, I don’t know what is... https://t.co/uYb8kRdbcC
RT @AC360: “I don’t care if you like John McCain or couldn’t stand [him.] [Trump] is attacking a dead national hero and that's… https://t.co/JPZ0KAaU2I
Q4 Charity: How important is brand consistency? Is variation acceptable? I don't know about you, but I'm getting t… https://t.co/Kis1BTQbNj
RT @andsheisME: me asf.. & i don’t skip a day🤣 https://t.co/TSDuwfbPSb
RT @AlexSkkk: If u don’t like cats I don’t like u. Simple init
cause i don't f** care
RT @riIoaded: i don’t understand how some of you are so easily swayed. this probably how they finessed y’all onto those boats. https://t.co/eXuCmuSYLF
RT @JayvoBandz: Not everyone gets the same version of me, one person might tell you I have an amazing beautiful soul, another might… https://t.co/A2UgDX6XFU